Tuesday, September 19, 2006

200 High pulls in ten minutes

I learned Friday that I needed to design and lead a ten minute workout on Saturday. I led a ten minute burner on Friday of alternating two hand swings and turkish getups( which I realized ten minutes before I had to do it!).

I hate getups as I can only do them on one side because of my right shoulder and they always aggravate my back but hey, I was on being tested too. No problem but I had to think about what I wanted to do for my own workout design the next day.

Chowing down in my hotel room that night( reuben sandwich, personal pizza and some carrot cake-yummm) I realized I had to make the workout my own, not a variation of maxwells or cotters or bretts. I decided to do what I usually do for simple volume; ascending ladders with the high pull. Then I realized that the ENter the Kettlebell Right of Passage was 200 snatches in ten minutes and this would be a great way to approximate that.

So the ladder was
10/10= 200

We paired up and went in an I go you go fashion, a true ladder. I used a Russian red 24 kg and blew through the 200 reps in ten minutes, a first. The first real test I've done lately. And survived it handily!

Those who used a 12 kg moved 5200 lbs, a 16 kg,7200 lbs , a 24 10,600 pounds and Omar and Mr Cotter who paired up with a two pood moved 14,400 pounds. AN elegant demonstration of the power of one simple bell and a lot of reps. My training had paid off for this. I definitely peaked for this weekend.

But I also learned how bad my hip, knee and ankle flexibility really is and that it is time to start working again on stretching out my squat. Not squatting but squat stretching. This left ankle will loosen up. I will give it no choice.I will seriously add this to my rifga routine.

back to real training tomorrow.



Franz Snideman said...

Great numbers - 200 reps is no easy feat!

Do you have any desire to give seminars on your own?

Mark Reifkind said...

yes franz that is going to get going soon. I just wanted to make sure the Senior thing actually happened and see where that looked to be going first.

oh and thanks for the props about the 200. it wasnt as hard as I thought.

funny too that I did 200 hi pulls as my last, deload workout on wednesday with the 20 kg.

Royce said...

Seriously impressed Rif, big numbers!!
One of my goals is the 200 reps in 10 minutes, ain't even close at the moment, LOL.
I will get there though.

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

Wow, that must have really kicked some butt at the RKC! Because of your postings on your high pulls in the many previous postings, I have the recruits doing the KB high pulls supersetting them with the KB front squats EDT style for 20 mins as one of their workouts. It is a great transition to the snatch and erases their fears about snatching it overhead once they are comfortable with their hip snap with a heavier bell. I have some strong boys and girls in my class! I will keep you posted on their progress. I have a couple of guys snatching the 2 pood!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks guys. I was very happy with that workout and being able to get it in ten minutes. As you know from my logs I am not a fan of pukie or even rushing my rest periods. this just showed me that carryover one gets from volume training even with equal rest/work bouts.

as Pavel says training is training and testing is testing. we train, we dont test until it's time. This showed how well that worked. I was able to shout out encouragement during my 30 seconds rest break as well; not totally reaching for air.

I also think hi pulls are a great precursor to the actual snatch, teaching the student to get the bell to float before snatching it.

Tom Shook, RKC said...

Totally kick-ass Rif...sorry I missed that one. I'll get at it whenever I hit another RKC though. You got man-sized rubies boy!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks tom, it really showed me that my volume approach, with more rest/sets ( anti xfit) works well when its testing time.I will continue.