Wednesday, September 27, 2006

High pull ladders.

Good thing I dont finish the way I start the workouts or I would never do another one again. Reality is back in full bloom and even though I started early today it mattered not: stiff and sore and slow to warmup. Its getting cool again and for the first time in my life I am missing the heat; a sure sign I am in decent shape. the fitter I am the better my heat tolerance.

High Pull Ladders

x10/10( 200 reps in 11 minutes!) not bad and I wasnt watching the clock particularly.
x16/16= 304 reps in about 17 minutes.
16,112 pounds!

this went very well. paced for the rest time instead of sitting and once I got warmed up( 100 reps or so!) I was very explosive. solid work and back on the way up, slowly. I will peak this volume at 400 reps, do the ROP ladder twice through.

Snatch holds
36x45 sec x2
44x45 sec x 2

this was tough for some reason after saturdays great session. shoulder abit tight.always feels better afterwards though

Rack walks
36#x 2oo feet left, 200 feet right arm 3 times 1200 feet.

not as easy as I had hope although knee was ok

One leg standing holds
One foot toe raises with 12 and 8 kb kb, sets of five done slowly.

these are defintely helping with full extension of my left knee and strength in the gastroc to hold it in full extension.will do these 3 x /week.

bw 161.6
bf 10.4% ( dehydrated,will rectify)

datsit, staying loose.


Franz Snideman said...

Rif - that is alot of volume. Impressive!

You have set a good example for what steady intelligent progression looks like. You built a HUGE base and now you are reaping the rewards.

It seems that you have gone from one extreme(heavy powerlifting and little volume) to lighter loads and super high volume. I guess I can call you an extremist :)

Mark Reifkind said...

LOL, what me, an extremist? well, I resemble that remark :))

the only correction I would make is that when I was doing powerlifting before I got really tweaked in 2000 is that I did heavy weight AND heavy volume. one of the things i liked about WSB is that there was a lot of training.

I just love to train and I always want to do a little more than I did last time. Build the base and the peak will come!

Franz Snideman said...

So true Rif. I think that is one of the reasons why I injured my back in 2001,2004, 2005 and now 2006. I did too much, too soon. It is easy to see progress in the short term, but at what expense? I now see the merit and intelligence is progressing SLOWLY and SAFELY. Base conditioning and laying enough volume down with ligher to medium loads is beyond valuable.

Live and learn :)

Mark Reifkind said...

agreed. so much of what I read and see people do focuses on testing not training. testing is sexy and adrenaline filled, training is hard work and character filled.

I have come to the same conclusions as you as far as slow and safe from the same place: pain and injury. they are great instructors.