Monday, July 31, 2006

Well that didnt work.

The new schedule called for hi pulls today. After basically 200 snatches saturday I knew after getting up that wasnt going to work. So I figured, lets do the low rep power snatches today instead. Well that didnt work either, lol. The groove was, ahem, dead. So, back to what I was doing, presses and pullups.

Didnt eat enough yesterday and I felt it.Going to take a bit to adapt to this new lower weight. You wouldnt think two or three pounds could make such a difference but it does.I remeber when I would train at 185-186 in powerlifting and drop down to 182 for my comps and the ten plus pounds it always took off my bench. Oh well, need to be light.

9 am:

30 min RIFGA stretching.

JB Power snatch

this just wasnt working so I decided to stop.Everything felt heavy and slow.

KB Press( one clean)

x5/5x 3 rounds 36 reps each side.

even this felt heavy. didnt push.

Supersetted with ballistic pullups
5,6,7 x3 rounds =54 reps

these felt suprisingly good considering the suspended pulls on saturday.once a week is enough though.

rack walks
200 feet per arm 36# kb/ 1200 feet total.

these felt good also.

bw 161!!
bf 10.6% ughh. never fails. weight goes down, bf goes least til it settles. and the wheel turns round and round.

datsit , trying to stay loose.


Joefitness said...

Yoga? lol I never thought I would hear that word and you in the same sentence. I have to admit I do love some of the postures, they really hit the 'tight' areas'
I have been doing JM daily (not in the blog) and starting to figure out a self directed Yoga/stretch progam.

I agree, this is such an important aspect of the training and as we all know often overlooked.

Nice RIFGA to do my Snatch workout

Tom Furman said...

It's hard to beat Yoga for Regular Guys by Diamond Dallas Page. It works for battle scarred men more that teen chicks.

Mark Reifkind said...

Joe, I've always stretched I've just decided to call its Rifs yoga as I've tailored it to working on just hte things that need stretching and not those that dont.

I'm so uniquely twisted that any regular programming wont work for me. besides DDP has terrible taste in women, I dont trust him, lol!

Franz Snideman said...

Hey. that's what's training intelligently is all about. Being flexible enough to know when to train your program. You seem to be a master with that as you listen very well to your body and the signals it tells you!

Rock on!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks franz. yes I dont waste time anymore( as much as possible) going down dead ends or not listening to my instincts. I spent way too long going against what I knew I should do,instead trying to do what was "right". no more. not having to compete helps though. lots more leaway with training.

Tom Shook, RKC said...

The river always wins...
I too have found that being flexible in terms of training is the only real way for me to be consistent and have longevity. Way to set your ego aside (tough for all of us, I would wager) and listen to your physical cues. Smart.