Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Solid session.

Today went well. Worked a full shift( 6 clients back to back) and was able to go right into the workout without a "power nap", lol. Made better jumps on the primary exercise( hi pulls) and made all the reps I had figured on.wind was good as well.pace much faster than of late. I didnt time them( hate watching the clock!) I would estimate 45-60 seconds as opposed to my 60-90 seconds the last month or so. Definitely felt like I got a good second will for once.

The last week and a half of turned out to be pretty maximal, volume wise( 210 snatches with 20 kg) and strength wise (6x3 withthe 28kg clean and presses). shoulders and arms are just tired.

Hi Pulls

62x8/8 x 13 sets. 208 reps 12,896 lbs of work. 25 min. Niiiiiiiice.

Since my arms and shoulders were very tight and tired I kind of 'had' to get the load off them and onto the hips. I was suprised at how loose I could get in the swing as the first two sets felt very heavy in my hands. real decent hip snap and timing of that and heel stomp and hi pull was nicely in sequence.boom, boom BOOM! Good float.

Waiters walk
100ft x 10 laps with 36# alternate arms each lap.

one lap, rest 15 seconds, two laps, rest 15 sec. right shoulder is still so much tighter. BUT I'm using the 36! which I have not been able to. good trend line.

2 db kickbacks 15#x 75 reps( 30,25, 25)

How did I forget to add these? actually I wanted to do a triceps movement that would help release some of the tension in my biceps and this was my best guess for something that would hit tris hard but NOT increase shoulder or pec tension. worked pretty well, could have easily dont 100 but want to see how things feel tomorrow. when I get 100 I will go to the twenties.

bw 161.8
bf 10.9%! man , this is not a good trendline and I have not been eating as much crap. BUT I have been eating more pasta and NOT doing my spinach, onions and shroom stif frys. just lazy but I have to do it.

datsit,stay loose.


Franz Snideman said...

Lay off the pasta Rif :)

It's not good for the waistline!

Nice training session! (especially after 6 clients back to back)

Mark Reifkind said...

you know I think its more that I'm NOT eating enough veg rather than I am eating too much starch. but I will cut back and had another day of STARTING with my stir fry. that is the key. eat the right thing FIRST.

man my arms are sore from those hi pulls yesterday and I have to snatch a day early tomorrow as we go to APC powrlifting nationals on sat.

Franz Snideman said...

have fun a the APC nationals!

and eat those veggies, including spinach....

and make Popeye proud!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks franz, will do. feel better already from the stir frys.