Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rowing Uphill.

I love this phrase, coined by Paul tucker RKC. I was describing hi rep ballistic work like cying up hill. Paul said rowing uphill and its a closer fit to the reality,imho.lots more upper body and back work than cycling but the same slog. Does make you tough, though and tough is good.

312 HI PULLS today with the 20 kg!!!! ALL time PR.

Where the hell did that come from? Wind and recovery was great, I hardly had to sit down at all,lol! Just looked back on my blog and my best ever before was 256 reps on June 14. Nice.

Hi Pulls

x16/16 x2 rounds, 208 reps in 15 minutes
x10/10 x1 round 104 reps
( had to do it backwards for the last reps as I really didnt want to.Much harder on the lungs.) Very surprised at the effeciency of my swing now. could breathe entirely through my nose the whole time. definitely adapting to strength endurance work. finally.

312 reps in 26 minutes. 13,728 pounds!!! 528 pounds /minute. 6.84 TONS!! woo freaking hoo.I love the numbers, it is very satisfying to KNOW something exactly.good or bad.

Waiters Walk
36 lb kb, 200 feet per arm, 3 times each. 1200 feet total.

these were aslo much better. Havent been able to do 200 feet with the 36, just the 26. overhead postition is getting more solid every workout and my gait technique is really doing well. walking straighter than ever.

2 db kickbacks

15#x50 reps
100 reps. This will get very interesting as the reps get to 100 for one set. definitely helping even out the tension in my biceps and shoulders.good to see my once decent triceps spring back to life too.
When I was powerlifter I was all triceps,now I'm a girevik its all biceps! balance baby,balance!

bw 162.4
bf 9.7%

thank goodness. wondering when I would see single digits again. Feel big and lean too.

dats it,staying loose.

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