Thursday, July 27, 2006

Shift in direction?

Thinking about changing the direction of the workout a bit by dropping presses and adding in another snatch workout; with lighter weight and an endurance focus. I have been focusing on the strength part of the strength/endurance work that kbs can give. thats why I think I'm gaining weight again. Even those it's good mass I know I need to be lighter, in an absolute sense, not just a compostion sense.

just weighed

163 and 9.6%. same as yesterday.The presses really encourage me to go heavy, in a movement that really overworks the things that forked up my shoulder in the first place. the snatches and pullups and walks are the real keys for my shoulder strength and health. I'm a naturally good presser and its easy to overwork them

Thinking about doing one power snatch workout on saturdays along with tactical pullups , hi pulls and tactical pullups on monday and swing snatches and kickbacks on wednesday. The JB snatch will give me an eccentric in the press pattern and that will keep me strong enough in the press should I want to test it a bit.Plus of course racks and waiters walks,.

did TONS of flexibilty work today with clients as well as and hour and a half demo with a new client who was great. ex baseball player and lifter and BJJ guyand also a PT trainer who wants to get RKC>. great stuff, picked everything up SO FAST. Thanks Mike Mahler for the referrall!


Royce said...

Rif I got a PR today floor pressed the Bulldog, I tried it 3 weeks ago and could not budge the thing off the floor.
Unlike you I am a sucky presser so I am a little excited!!

Mark Reifkind said...

Nice going dude!coming back and getting a missed lift is always great. Be excited, enjoy improving your weak points, it's the key to progress!

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