Friday, July 07, 2006


Took a page out of Jack reapes book and did some snatch complexes today. Basically this means changing weight every set and keeping the reps the same. Since I am a day early today and my biceps/forearms are a bit sore from Wednesdays 210 hi pulls I decided doing some light stuff would be good.

36x5/5 ( 2520 lbs)
44x5/5 (3080)
53x5/5 ( 3710) = 9310 lbs/25 = 372 lbs/min.

x 7 rounds. 210 reps in 25 minutes

Not a bad workout at all. I like going from light to heavy, really makes me work my speed.Just had 45 mintues to get this in between clients.

tactical pullups

33 reps

datsit, stayloose.

Tomorrow is NATIONALS! can't wait to see Nick get some PR's.

onions, spinach,eggs, feta, macademia nut oil. yum.


Royce said...

OK Rif, someone advertised a cheap Bulldog on an internet classified page. I would have prefered a cheap 70lbr but I could not pass up the deal. Plus it was less than 10 miles from my house. So I bought it today, MAN is that thing heavy. Just getting a decent clean is hard. I really have to focus an tension and form.
I can side press it with my right arm no way with my left.
I can 2 hand swing it to eye level not above.
All I have to say is that since you bottoms up clean that thing YOU DA MAN!! That is a long ways off for me, I forsee lots and lots of low rep 2 handed swing sets in my future!!!

Mark Reifkind said...

way to go royce. and thanks. I'm wierd; bottoms up cleaning the thing is easier for me than swinging it one arm!

not ready for presses yet but I will be soon.cant do side presses but its cool you can already do it on one side. have fun with it but remember those dogs can BITE! be careful and go slowly.

Royce said...

Yes, bite it does. I figured out what the arm-break position is.
No worries though I ditched in soft dirt FAST!!