Saturday, July 29, 2006

Swing snatch

decided to do swing snatches today instead of the schedule power snatch as I didnt want to go heavy; left shoulder and biceps a bit tight from doing so much bodywork this week. Went very well.

RIFGA stretching; 30 minutes
these are my key moves:
1) tuck and roll
2) straddle stretch
3) pike stretch
4) prone cobra
5) downward dog( alternating legs into double leg)
6) soleus stretch
7) frog squat stretch
8) decompression hangs( single then double arms, over then reverse grip)
9) foam roller sequence( glutes, IT band, quads, hip flexors, calves, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, lats/teres)

sequence done three to four times.

Swing snatch

work sets
x8/8 x 3 rounds=156 reps
put grips on, left palm ready to go
x7/7= 192 total reps, easy money honey.
10,176 foot pounds. 40 min or so, including warmups. one partner he went I went. wind is good. teshnik is good too.

Suspended Pullups( single point)
4 reps x 7 sets= 28 reps

this went great! hung my lat bar from an ironmind daisy chain and caribiner and it worked great. hard to do but it went better than expected. unbeleivable how well my shoulder has done in the last year.


this is my new favorite move.along with the suspended pullups.

bw 161.2 there we go.
bf 10 % back on track

datsit, staying loose.


Ken Black said...

Rif if you get a chance could you post a pic of the rig you set up. Sounds cool. Halo's are awesome.

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

RIFGA! Finally, some insight into the new Tactical Yoga :)Is your tuck and roll more like a jiujitsu move or more like gymnastics? The reason I ask is that one is less directly on the spine that the other. Or at least from what I am envisioning.

I also use the lunge and hip twist move that Steve Maxwell has on his Joint Mobility Recharge tape. That gets the heart pumping a little as well as a nice pelvic stretch.

Mark Reifkind said...

Pete, the tuck and roll is like the finish of a forward roll; grab the knees, pull them into the chest and roll back and forth. has really helped open up my back.

I also use a standing karate stretch to open up the calves and the hip flexors. need to do it more as my calf tightness directly forks up my bad knee.