Monday, July 10, 2006

A good one.

What a surprise. A really strong workout when yesterday I was so beatdown you would have thought I competed. Pulled a felxor muscle in my forearm from yanking so many suit straps up and wrapping knees and could barely make a fist yesterday. My knee decided to lockup as well, just to make my day complete. Probably dehydrated as well.

You never know how its going to go til you go so I did. Very happy, although it took all I had to keep from getting under a squat bar as well as seeing how my shoulder felt under a bench. Good discipline prevailed and I did my scheduled workout.

Military KB press( one clean)

72x2/2x4 sets 1152 lbs
53x5/5x 4 sets 2120 lbs
total 3272 lbs 56 reps

very, very solid presses even though I was pretty beat. The groove is greased.The Bulldog is mine, just a matter of the day.

superestted with tactical pullups
4/5/6 x4 rounds= 60 reps 75% of max volume, which were done ballistically.these were strong!

rack walk/one 36# kb
alternate arms each lap( 100 ft) x10 laps 1000 feet total.

these actually made the knee feel better. definitely help me find my groove.

RIFGA( rif yoga)
15 minutes.

bw 160.8
bf 11.2% still dehydrated I guess. feel much leaner than I have been though.


Royce said...

Get it Rif, own the 'Dog!!
Seriously though you are SO much stronger than me in the presses and I have about a hundred pounds on you LOL....... man that makes me sad!
I did push press it yesterday ( just a matter of the confidence )though and did negatives.
88 lbs on a kb is SO much heavier than 88 on a dumbell........

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks royce. I've been pressing things over my head or off my chest many times per week for over 34 years. kind have greased that groove.I want to be able to do a few sets of five with the two pood before I attempt the 88.

markdavidson said...

we gonna learn more about RIFGA?

Mark Reifkind said...

lol, pretty much a joke but I do approach my flexibility work as yoga but idividualized to my specific flexibility need. maybe I will do an article.

Royce said...

I would be interested in an article on flexibility. I have lost flexibility at an alarming rate since I hit my 30's. Kb windmills, OH squats, and sots press have helped, and swings have loosened up my hips and hammies. But I still feel stiff a lot.

Tom Furman said...

Try that "X"-Press I wrote you about. It will insure solid shoulder mechanics for your bulldog attempt.


Mark Reifkind said...

I played with it Tom and I think it puts my shoulder into TOO MUCH external rotation!I have very touch shoulders.will try again soon.