Monday, July 24, 2006

Must be building muscle

Cause my bodyfat level is low and I aint losing any weight! cant beleive it. Ate very clean and lightly yesterday too. 163.8! but 9.2% again. Very weird. Must be just the fact that I am using the two pood and the 28 kg again,as well as doing a decent amount of volume. Since my walk is doing better and my knee hurts less I guess it is ok.wierd though. I was thinking I would try to get under 160 but unless I want to up the lighter volume by A LOT, and cut out using the heavier weights I'm not sure thats gonna happen. We'll see.

Pullups(plyo/istic style)
4,5,6x4 rounds=60
+ 4,4 total 68 reps( 68% intensity)

Superset with Clean and Presses( long cycle)

work sets
62x3/3x5 sets = 30 reps

I am coining the term( tongue fully in cheek) plyo/istic to describe exercises or methods of performing them, that combine both plyometric( or powermetric for those Siff fans) and ballistic actions. Or it could be ballimetric? LOL.
Movements, such as the swing or the snatch, typically called ballistic, are in fact both plyometric( the back swing- overspeed eccentrics that pull you into a strech shortening cycle) AND ballistic the initial thrust followed by a relaxation phase where the limb continues moving from the original inertial energy. Or at least that sounds right.

I had been thinking of it like Louies accomadating resistance, i.e "outrun the chains" but it's different. Its Plyoistic.The box kills the stretch reflex; the backswing creates it.But it also means there has to be the 'loose' phase or its not ballistic. Fast and loose as Pavel would say I bet.

Pullups were solid. All first sets of four were tactical, then plyoistic. slight bounce stretch into the lats ,quick pull then float over the bar.tacticals were all paused long at bottom and held at chin.

Rack walks
one 44 lb KB

100 feet left, 100 feet right=0ne lap

6 laps= 1200 feet.

these were very very strong! best ever maybe. gait is much inproved and much less "clunking" in the knee as I walk.pace was fast too.

bw 163.8
bf 9.2%!!!

this is an lean as I've been in a long time. Upper body is way up too from all this snatch press and pullup volume.I actually feel like I have arms again . It reminds me of when I was a gymnast. Very light and very strong. and built.not bad for an old crippled guy.

Oh yeah, and props to Jason Brown for straightening me out about ballistics.ALways trying to learn something.


Tom Furman said...

Jason's snatch video is not on youtube as far as I can tell. Can you blog the details??
Nice body-comp. Less baggage for the frame is smart. Power to weight and work capacity are important.

Mark Reifkind said...

Here ya go

thanks. I think its the heat, I am eating cleaner for sure but not THAT much better. I do feel like I've put on some muscle too.
BUt I think you're right, the lower the total mass the better as long as I stay strong.

Joefitness said...

Nice Rif, strong across the board with those workouts. Volume/intensity is strong! Those bigger bells do in fact do something good!.

It amazes me that as soon as I upped my workouts my body mass started to change, with minimal diet modifications.

PS Going to try that wave workout for Snatch this week, I am curious how it will work and going to vary from the swing sntach with the 24 to the 'pull to the rack with the 32.

I am excited to see the final numbers

Mark Reifkind said...

there are no final numbers, just the next numbers.

lol. only halfway kidding joe.let me know how the snatch workout goes. you going 28,32,40 kg?

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Franz Snideman said...

Rif -
training as usual looks right on target!

Do you feel stronger when you get leaner?

Do you do weighted pull ups?

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks franz, no I feel stronger when I do a lot of volume.definitely have put on muscle, which seems to have made me leaner. and no, no weighted pullups anymore. just want to build bw volume there too.

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