Saturday, July 15, 2006

Snatches again.

Very interesting stuff. Set out to do more JB power snatches today but thats not how they ended up( why am I not surprised ;) )

JB snatch

53x5/5x5 sets

Swing snatch
53x5/5x10 sets

=150 reps/7950 pounds/199 pounds/min in 40 minutes

Lots of surprises here. It started well but I soon realized that doing a negative military press for 150-200 reps is going to have its consequences. It was early morning and my shoulder was doing it but not digging it. I think the JB snatch will be perfect for the heavier bells and low reps but not for volume work with a light(er) bell.I'm surprised the tonnage is so low as well. Pretty leisurely pace and the JB form is slower as well.

Much more vertical power generation with the power snatch though, thats for sure.Just keep the reps low.

I am considering alternating snatch workouts; one week volume with the swing snatch and the next week low rep power snatches with the 62 and 72 lb bells.This might be good.

KB Cleans


Niiiice. Figured since I want to press the thing I should start getting used to having it in the rack position. Did loaded cleans and held the rack position for a solid count on each rep.each set got easier. Nice Bulldog.

2x10 with the 62's

bw 163
bf 10.7%

datsit, stay loose.


Royce said...

I've been doing low rep cleans, swings and high pulls with the bulldog. Makes a huge difference in my hip snap.
Swings are too slow, probably could generate more power with a 70!!

Royce said...

Oh yeah, static holds in the clean position or suitcase deadlift position expose HUGE areas of weakness for me, LOL

Mark Reifkind said...

low rep heavy swings accomplish their own purpose, its just not a high generation of power. but they doo teach you to continue to apply force even as it slows down. both are usueful imo.

holding the cleans in rack position strengthen somuch more than the shoulders. gonn abe important for me to get ready to press the Bulldog. Man, that seemed big to me yesterday~!