Sunday, July 30, 2006

RIFGA Stretching

I realize now that I must do daily training. And I do usually do daily training I just dont't count it if its not weights or something very strenuous. But it's painfully( pun intended) obvious that if I dont maintain optimal(or as close as I can come) flexibilty in my calves, hamstrings, quads, abs and shoulders that I suffer more and gradually lose enough ROM to fork up my gait or my scapula thoracic mechanics. then it's just way more work to break it up again.

It's 5:20 pm now and after relaxing all day I started to lock up about an hour ago.ALthough I really didnt want to I got down on the floor and did my yoga postures and got myself opened up. what a difference. twenty minutes and I stopped feeling so heavy and stiff.

Also added in a one legged "L" sit for loosening my hammy and get my left VMO and hip flexor to fire. ALso put in a very close stance squat to stretch my IT bands, soleus and lower quads. kind of like the chines wall squat without the squat. really opens up the IT band and fires the adductors.

Right now everything locks up from my calf up.gotta keep them open. spent a lot of time in downward dog working the that stretch.


Tom Furman said...

This would be solid material for a DVD. Lots of flexible guys show,"Hey look at me do splits, and YOU can do them too!". Very few address mechanical issues, injuries, and genetic short changing.


Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Tom. I had a client tell me the same thing, along with how to use the foam roller properly.Doubt I will do it though.I have a face made for radio.

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