Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Test.

This is the stuff that gets me in trouble.Its also why I love to compete and to train. There is nothing like that zone that you experience when you are attempting that which you are not sure you can achieve. Stare into the void. ANd jump in with both feet.

As long as its a reasonable ,and not an insane task, you can occasionally get away with it when you are as old as I am.Lol, I wish I were kidding.And when you do it is sweet again.

All of Jason Browns videos got me thinking about retooling my snatch technique, thinking this is a MUCH safer method of snatching for me and probably most people.I also involves more body tension as you do a press negative to get the bell to the shoulder( not a GS drop). Huh. Now a there's balance of fluidity and tension in the same exercise!

I just have to find a way to lower it on the right shoulder as press negatives usually are hard on it and can lock up my teres if I'm not carefull.

Watching Jasons form also reminds me that these ARE Olympic lifts. THat is another thing I really like about his form. it is a very athletic version ,I just wish I had the kids shoulders. much more of a vertical jump/arc than just a hip snap. an olympic squat versus a wsb power squat( Pavels version)

JB Snatch
62x3/3 !!
72x3/3 !!!!!!!!!!!
62x3/3=24 reps

THis is the most I have snatched in a long time. Since my biceps fascia tear.Of course my arms and shoulders may fall off tomorrow but I dont think they will. This is a really, really good way for me to snatch . It feels much more like an olympic style snatch to me.Like I am really jumping. The pace is slower andI can position myself more definitively . Reminds me of my clean position, as a matter of fact and that always feels like a great groove. having the weight in close to me makes a world of difference on my grip and biceps as well.

I just dont think I have the hip size or strength to handle the forces a heavy bell generates on the downswing.again, this thinking is what gets me in trouble.

I used to do OL snatch with barbells occasionally and was decent at it, given my shoulder, and could power snatch 154-163 fairly strongly. this feels like that movement to me.Lowering it on the right was hard and I think I have to keep my palm FORWARD as if lowering a barbell. I'll play with it,

BUT THE FREAKING TWO POOD AGAIN! I never thought I would do it again, and in fact vowed not too( realized I just broke that. oops.- ah< I vowed never to SWING snatch again, and I havent. Its a detail but a crucial one I think.....) the 28kg volume was very strong and had great acceleration. If this works I will be very happy. strong feels so good.

Hi Pulls

53x10/10x 10 sets= 200 reps 10,600 pounds/20= 530 pounds/minute

20 minutes

wind was GREAT on this and recovery was as good as its been. feel very strong.teshik was great too.

all in the right sequence. felt good and I am having much more patience in the bottom of the swing; waiting for the right time to apply force. Just like the tap swing on the high bar or rings. there is just ONE spot that is perfect and you have to hit it.

2 db kickbacks 15#
40 reps
20 reps
20=100 reps. will stay with this till I can get two sets of 50. this is really helping unlock my biceps.done at high tempo ,no negative.

datsit,stay loose.

bw 161.8
bf 10.9%


Pete Diaz, RKC said...

You can't keep a competitive lifter down! NIIICE job on the 2 pood snatch, Rif! I am not surprised that you went at it again, you are strong and competitve with yourself, and you found a way to hit it that had a less chance of injury. Well done. I prefer doing it that way, since I believe you don't lose anything by doing it in that manner vs. the risk of a tear lowering the kb GS style.

I actually hit the bench press yesterday just to get a feel for it again. I had not done this left for months simply becuase I had been playing with the KBs. No PR attempts of course, but I know it is becuase I watchec nationals.

Franz Snideman said...

Sweet Rif. I toyed around with the Jason Brown Snatch technique yesterday as well, and today my biceps feel great. Don't give me any more crap about you being old :) lol

Nice numbers bro!!!!

Tom Shook, RKC said...

Good job Rif! I, like you, believe in testing yourself once in a while, I really applaud your persistence, it is inspiring.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Tom, I am nothing if not persistent! I always said when I was competing that a competitor may have more talent than me but they would not outwork me or be more disciplined.

it's very to be able to push myself a little bit again and still be able to walk the next day! thanks for the kind words