Monday, November 20, 2006

Tactical Pullups

Although I didnt sleep for beans I felt good all day at work.It's a very different energy picture when you are not having to manage serious joint pain as you train people trying not to look in pain. Or spend their hour working on yourself.

My shoulder release has been working well and 100% of my clients with shoulder pain or limited shoulder flexion ROM CANNOT maintain tricep tension as their arm goes overhead. They vary as to where the internal rotators exceed the strength of the external rotators but somewhere between 85 and 120 degrees of shoulder flexion the tricep shuts off, the biceps and arm flexors kick in, the elbow bends and the arm internally rotates locking up the shoulder.then the scapula jams and the levator, scalenes and traps tighten up.

By only raising the arm as far as I can maintain tricep firing it is causing the biceps to release the arm to go further overhead more easily.

I didnt know that getting the full tactical stretch hang in my pullups workout would be so crucial to this as well; but it only makes sense.After my first set of pullups today I didnt know if I could get 12 reps but it settled down. SHowing me how important that pause stretch is.

Tactical Pullups
3,4,5,5 =17

total reps 87!

took me about 35 pullups to get remotely comfortable but then it really settled in. I am very weak in these now . might be ready for another lower volume day.

One arm KB Dls

was very surprised how hard it was for me to keep my triceps firing and the elbow locked during my pull. I really wanted to flex the arm a bit. I have VERY long arms for my height with a large elbow carry and when the arms get inside the leg its hard for them to stay straight. A good drill for linkage and wedging.

heavy bag

15 minutes jabs, straights hooks. much easier to do this when the knee is solid(er).

rack walks
36#x200 feet per arm 1200 feet.

This was a very good session although it started out like shit :))You just never know where the workout is going to go sometimes.Hanging fully from the bar was very good for the shoulder

datsit, will weight later.

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Franz Snideman said...

Those are great numbers on the pull ups.

Do you find your lats tighten up from the pull ups?