Monday, November 06, 2006


Today is cleans day and I decided I would be fine if I just stayed the hell away from the Bulldog.
My shoulders and biceps were feeling great after saturdays 190 snatches which reinforces my belied the technique is right.AS well as remembering to do band rear delts and overhead rotators again!

It's harder remembering to do the correct recipe than figuring it out in the first place. The price of aways trying to make it better. Somtimes you forget exactly what was in the first one.

KB cleans

72x5/5x5 =50 reps with two pood/3600pounds

This also confirms my swing is right . THese felt amazing.No joint 'catching' at all.Hips are high and I am bent over to 40-45 degrees. flat back though.

Bottoms up Cleans

53x5/5/x5 =50 reps/2650 pounds

these were easy! as solid as I have ever done them> this is working out perfectly for a slower, lower volume but heavier day in beween the hi pulls and the snatches.

tactical pullups
5 sets of 5= 25 reps. All very long pauses in the bottom. good stretch on the lats and shoulder.

Waiters Walks

12 kg x100 feet switch hands

800 feet total. This is a good exercise for me as well

Band Rear Delts
80 reps green band

Overhead Band rotator
3 sets of 15

these are a KEY exercise for getting my scapula to sit DOWN and not hike up my shoulder. Dont forget this.

bw 161.8
bf 10.7%
water 59.1 %

definitely let myself go a bit this weekend. lots more starches than normal. its cool I was dieting too far down and needed a break. Back to the grind though now.


Franz Snideman said...

Nice training Rif. Question, on the rear delts with the green band, are you doing 80 consecutive reps or is that 80 total reps?

Mark Reifkind said...

franz I shoot for as many reps as I can get in a row, rest a few seconds and go again. I want to get 100 straight before I move to the red band.that set I got about 50 rested then got the next 30.

these are critical to my shoulders and I cant believe I let them go.I also do them as warmups as well.