Friday, November 03, 2006

I live a very boring life.

and I love it that way.I have always had a bit of a hermit in me and too much Kung Fu on TV mixed with Japanese Samurai mentality had helped me shape a very simple existance. I have always, for better or worse, put my training before everything except my family. It did come before money for a very long time.

I have always tried to fashion my jobs so they advanced my training as much as possible and hindered my recovery requirements as little as possible.Owning a gym was really good for that and spending the day with my feet up sipping protein shakes getting ready for tomorrows workout spoiled me to the max. Again though, no money either.

Personal training works the best. I train six people straight and go home. I either train or get into active recovery which can mean a bath, a stretch out or just lying around watching netflix with my thumper in hand working out my IT band and calf. I cook dinner spend time with whoever is home that night and try to get as much sleep as I need to function the next day.

There is so much to read , to think about and to analyze in my own and my clients training that I am never bored. Thank God for the internet as it has expanded my abilty to get info from every corner of the world. Simply amazing. Not to mention the dialogues that occur as well.Time for my son was always available and still is. Being a homebody has its advantages.

ANd the older I get, and the more everything hurts and requires SO much more maintenance just to run at all I value the unscheduled time that much more.And there is much to do.

I have always felt I had to prepare for the next days workout, and be totally ready to go once I hit the gym door. I cannot beleive the (lack of) work ethic I see today with my own training partners and others as well.No matter how good your results are being lazy they can be so much better if one is truly committed and prepared for the training. Is there any other way?

Thats whats so cool about powerlifting. You know what you have to lift the next workout. and the one after that. And when you get those big weights on your back,those real weights that will very happily kick your ass and push your spine down your butt you tend to learn to focus.Or stop lifting heavy.

But the same goes for any endeavor, really. Different toy, same body.

Everything has its price and being in the gym training is only ONE piece of the puzzle. I have lived this way for almost 35 years now and really know no other. I wouldnt have it any other way, and in truth, I don't think I could.


Pete Diaz, RKC said...


You live life like the books you read; in search of a higher existence. (except with a much better build and power than other ascetics!:) )

It is very refreshing for me to meet people like you who is more concerned with training and the next level, instead of the new techno toy on the market. (I am surrounded by many like that in my line of work, the uber-consumer)
Ken is also like that, a person who I believe seeks truth and honor before any material thing.

In the end, the only thing that matters is looking back with no remorse, and hopefully being surrounded by family and friends who love us for being ourselves.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Pete, I was raised in the seventies and I guess I never got that out of my system.Material things never have held much importance for me. I have always thought that if I needed very little to be happy then it was going to be very easy to be happy.

so far it seems to be true.