Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Double Snatch or the KB Shoot to Handstand

With my right shoulder sitting in an entirely new place these days and my desire to find anohter movement to go with pullups on my Monday session I have been mulling over presses, side presses, push presses,etc. All for naught as my shoulder just doesnt like the movement anymore and there is just no getting around that it seems. So while I waiting for a client I decided to play with some 2 kb snatches. Why I thought that putting both arms overhead would be easier on my shoulder than just a single one I don't know but I never said I was sane and I try to listen closely to the messages the Universe and my body send me these days. I have learned to ignore this stuff at myown peril.

My overhead hangs from the power bar are now done with a much closer grip than ever before; very close to the position I would swing around a high bar with. Or swing on rings for dislocates( now THERE is an apt name for a ring move!) and shoot to handstands.

It feels like I have to reclaim my range of motions back from my developmental days first, and then expand them out. I am getting my gymnast body back and the more it goes in that direction the less pain I have. I was both surpised and NOT surprised that these went went. It felt very much like a swing to handstand on the rings.The bent arm kind. I bet double bottoms up snatches feel like a straight arm shoot to handstand.

Suprising also was the hand rotation and line of pull on this double snatch as opposed to my single arm version.It was a much more GS pull and punch through! To my amazement as I wasnt trying to do that at all. The overhead lockout position was much different than my single arm also, with the arm more INTERNALLY rotated at the top!

I think my newfound ability to hang with a pronated grip has something to do with this as well. I just used the 12 kg as I want to see tomorrows effects on my back knees and shoulders before I play with this again.

6 am: One hour RIFGA stretching. Client missed and I had the whole time to stretch out.

Most excellent.

2 pm
2 kb snatch 12 kg x5,7,8,10,7,8,9,10 =64 reps/3392 lbs

2 kb hi pull 5,6,7,8,9,10=45 reps/3320 lbs

Very interesting, the 12 kgs were easy and the 16 kg were awkward as I have real problems with a wide stance,especially on a bilateral move. will take this slowly, if at all. The overhead position really intrigues me though.

The Rifstonian Hi Pull ladder. 24 kg 10/10 12/12 14/14 16/16 18/18 in ten minutes 20/20 10/10 in 11.5 minutes 200 reps/ 10,600 lbs.

havent done this in awhile and was very pleased to see how well it went but then again I was fully warmed up, which helps me tremendously.wind was actually good and the groove was solid as well. Was interesting to see what my body did when faced with the hi rep and time challenge. It shortened the stroke considerably, kept the bell much higher in the crotch and kept my hips back and high as well.I conserved power on each stroke as well . Climb the hill, I told myself.

Rack walks 24 kg/100 feet per arm,200 foot per lap 3 laps= 600 feet.

these were the heaviest I have done this in quite awhile. felt strong.

BW 160.8
BF 8.9% wow. this has been consistent
Water 60.7%

datsit, staying loose and hoping I can do double snatches.

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