Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Snatch VO2

graphic by Ken Black

Really didnt think I would make this one today and especially didnt think it would go so well; just goes to show what I know ;-).
Got almost no sleep last night for various and sundry reasons and was the walking dead today ;after 7 clients and no food I was wilting.Sometimes the warrior diet is harder than others but I'm so used to not eating before training it would have thrown me off anyway. I know that as long as I get started I usually feel much better after( an even during) but today I had my doubts.
ANd I didnt know how my body would snatch the bell either; whether it would want to corkscrew or stay over the top.As it turns out, a little of both was on the menu.

Snatch Vo2 16 kg 15:15
15 sets x7= 105 reps
25 sets x8= 200 reps
40 sets x15 sets=305 reps
10,980 lbs.

I went back and forth with technique today with the main change being really exaggerating the overhead hold position but letting the handle really sit deep on the heel of the hand. That in itself made the start of the descent "want" to corkscrew. It was almost automatic even though I was focusing on going over the top.SO I mixed things up a bit, experimenting with rotation, arm and bell postition relative to the body, how long I stayed upright before sitting back into the hips,etc.
What I did realize is that straight over the top is a bit faster;during the last 10 sets, the ones I corkscrewed took 16 second to finish and I ended up with a shorter rest period as a result. Oh well, the idea is to get my HR up, and that it did. Finishing HR was mid 170's. Not sleeping always jacks my resting HR up as well.

Rack Walks 16 kg
1600 continous feet
switching hands every 200 feet.

this is definitely getting easier .

One arm CB Shield Cast

good to do these harder a bit. it's been awhile and I need to get back to more intense cb work as well now.Time to get 350-400 swipes in the bag with the tens.

BW 159.6
Water 60 %

looks like I lost a little muscle. Time to eat :))



Franz Snideman said...

Time to eat indeed!!!!

That is why I love my 5 meals per day...leaves me always with energy and I never go hungry!

gotta love food!!!

Mark Reifkind said...

as the Hungarians at the Danish RKC cert said last year "eating just makes you hungry"lol. I love that quote. Actually since it's warmed up a bit I can eat less and not freeze.
I can't eat during the day anymore, messes me up.But once I start at night, I eat a lot!