Monday, March 24, 2008

200 Snatches 200 Swipes

Double PR day today. first time hitting 200 snatches with the 24 kg and 200 one arm swipes with the 15 lb cb.I just looked back through my records and do believe this is the first time I've done them in one session. No fast time at all, just me pacing myself and getting about 1.5 minutes rest between sets but it was solid. very happy.The swipes were done continously for 10 min 20 sec.


24kgx10/10x10 sets
200 reps PR
10,600 lbs!

these went very. very well although it was not a 'strong' day. The technique was a hybrid, with the false grip and a bit of a corkscrew but not much.I abandoned the head leading the descent to the hip as per David Whitleys advice. worked great.much more solid this way.Hands held up fine and all reps had a distinct pause at the lockout.Overhead is definitely a rest position now; Finally.Joe was out so this was solo. Pace was steady but not fast. First priority was getting all 10 sets in, not doing them quickly.

One CB Swipe 15 lbs
200 reps switching every 20 reps PR

10:20 continuous.

These went great and are much easier than doubles. way easier.Never tested this exercise yet so it is a baseline PR. Way cool that I went 10 minutes straight too. No problem; gym boss went off each minute.
The first two minutes I was averaging 18 reps /min but that fell off to 16/min then to 15 at the end. I wasn't watching the timer or I would have brought it in under 10 minutes.
have to get a record with the 25 lber on this one. That will be fun

One arm Shield cast
10lbs x8/8x7 sets continuous
112 reps

shoulders/arms were a bit tired and pumped here but this was a good light mobility/stretch out.

BW 161.6
BF 8.2%
Water 61.3%

BF reading was lowest all winter. Spring is definitely here and the warmth is doing me very well.Definitely eat less, and much lighter when I'm warm :))



Aaron Friday said...

Destination: PRville!
Population: You!

I need to get off my ass and hit some numbers.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man, I was definitely thinking about your 300 snatches as I went through the paces. changing this grip is definitely necessary for high reps.
you will get your chance next week eh young jedi?

Aaron Friday said...

Yeah, the "long set" puts the kibosh on total reps. I like 10/10 for volume, and also for the 5-minute test. Even 12/12 is too much for me when going beyond 3 minutes straight.

I'll do the best I can in the TSC, but I'm really looking forward to kicking out some PRs with the 32 when it's over.

Mark Reifkind said...

I havent been able to do consecutive sets of 10/10 in many moons and I certainly didnt do this will be intersting to do 15 plus reps/set when I do the 36:36 snatchvo2 again.
I actually am playing around with snatching the 28kg again even though I swore that the 24 was the top end for me. we'll see.
snatch has gotten much better than when I made that vow.

course it was a vow...

Iron Tamer said...

you are a true testament to intelligent application of hardstyle. Nice work!

Mark Reifkind said...


thank you Sir, I do try my best!

Colin said...
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Colin said...


Thank you for the advice you left on Tracy's blog for me.

To answer your questions. I was planning on DLing 5 times per week for 6/8 weeks. 3 or 4 cycles - see how it goes. It is as a break I guess, but while RoP is my goal for the year I still want at least a 2 x BW DL as well.

The advice you gave was very interesting. Like nothing else I've heard from anyone else. Do you mean to do alternating days of sw/sn 5 times a week as well as DL, if my body can handle it? And I'm a little unsure about total number of swings, keep reps low, but mix up the sets/volume - for easy/med/hard sessions?

Again thank you for your time and advice.

All the best


Mark Reifkind said...


5 times a week deadlifting is pretty tough so you might want to modify the swings/snatches to meet your energy of the day, but yes, add in either swings or snatches on those days,perhaps taking a day off midweek:
mon snatches/deads
tues deads swings
wed deads
thurs snatches deads
fri deads swings

on snatches just do 1-2 hi rep sets and on the swings do as much volume of lower reps(10-15)sets as you handle, confortably, at that time
You can also do the ETK ROP program and just add in Deads on the variety day.

Colin said...

Awesome - I shall give it a shot, and let you know how it went at the end of it.

All the best and good luck with your own training.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man, you too.thanks for stopping by.