Saturday, March 29, 2008

32 kg One Arm swings.

Just in time for some backing off on the workload.It's been a good two weeks with lots of prs but that just means I have step back or risk falling off.Havent swung the 32 for three weeks so it was time but I new I needed to step back on the volume and switch things up a bit.SO instead of just one arm swing workout I threw in some transfers to up the volume as well. I know, I'm just crazy like that with all that variety but that's just how I roll,lol :)

One arm swings

32kgx5/5/5/5x10 sets
200 reps
14,400 lbs

32 kg x20 repsx5 sets
100 reps
7200 lbs

total reps 300
total load 21,400 lbs

Pretty interesting to me that 200 swings was just as much total load lifted as my 50 sets of snatches with half the weight on Wednesday.

CB Mills
15lbs x 10/10

These went very well and felt almost light for the first time.Have to really make sure to get armlock as I travel through the bottom of the arc or I get a nice little ulnar nerve 'twang' to remind me.

gama casts/flag press
25lbs x20/10x 4 sets

love these.

datsit, I'm out.


Adam said...


I am starting back in to high volume this week. its been nice to be able to knock out my strength work outs in only 15 minutes, but it is time to go back to swings and snatches daily.

Any ideas on how i can still get in my swing volume for my endurance and lungs, but maintain momentum with my strongman work?

Mark Reifkind said...


I would think just by sequencing the different types of work accordingly you could accomplish both.i.e do your 15 minutes of strength work at the beginning of each workout then add in the volume snatches/swings at the end.
If you alternate strength workout days you could do the swing/snatch at the end and then,on the non strength day just do all volume based ballistics. that's how I would organize it.