Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Snatch VO2 50 set Pr

This workout has fundamentally changed for me now.It used to be a HUGE cardiovascular deal for me with heartrates regularly in the high 180s, sometime in the 190s and I've hit 200+ a couple times as well.With 7 reps/bout I would get in the 160s-170s and 8s were sure to bump that up to 180 plus but now these last few workouts, even this pr work only garnered mid 160's. Respiration is much improved as well. Way cool.
I stopped at 50 sets as per the plan but thought seriously about just going to 60 sets and getting my 50 set pr today. I stuck with the plan and it's cool.I will get 50 sets of 8, and now I am ready to start thinking of training this protocol with the 20 kg ( for lower reps of course).
Hard day today with many one time new clients and that is always harder,energy wise.
than your regulars.
Used the false grip and corkscrew descent and found that although it makes the snatch stroke shorter it also makes the descent slower, which makes getting all 8 in 15 tougher.I actively 'spun' it down and that helped. Lots to play with with this new technique.
When I got behind on the count I went over the top to pick up the speed.With the false grip position even over the top goes around the corner and I'm not sure if that slows things down as well. Something to play with.
I am SO greatful that I can train the snatch at all,much less twice a week relatively hard and for decent volume. It was NOT that long ago that I had to give up all overhead work to focus on really healing my shoulder and put getting my ROM at the top of the priority list.All I did was swing and overhead holds and that kicked my ass good too. But snatching is the best. Fluid and vicious indeed.

Took the technique video first with the 20 kg

Snatch VO2 15:15
16 kg
10 sets of 7 70 reps
40 sets of 8 320 reps PR for most sets of 8 in a 50 rep performance, lol.
390 snatches
14,040 lbs

man this was solid. I had no problem holding the 8 rep pace even with just ten 'warmup' sets.snatching the 20 kg first helped a lot I think.Wind was the best ever and mental clarity as well. it just isnt as hard as it was, which was the goal. Now I have to step it up a bit to make the next jump in ability.Perhaps one week lower reps with the 20 kg and the next faster hi reps with the 16.we'll see.
It was also great to have Tracy join me in my little workout,which she seems to have done as her warmup. Always good to be able to train with the Swing Queen,although I know if she is there the pace will be brutal!
technique got a little "confused" at time when I went back and forth between the various permutations of grip, descent technques and speeds.

Rack Walk
16kgx2000 feet PR switch hands every 200 feet.

man this was tough on my arms and shoulders, not my legs. HR was higher than on thesnatch vo2 as my arms were giving out,lol.

Two Handed Shield Cast
15x8/8 x 2

this also was tough as my arms and shoulders were cooked! Got it done though.

Z drills and rifga floor work. Didnt get enough z drills in today; have to remedy that now.



Gabi said...

Congrats on your PR, Mark,

and thanks for the technique video. I'm definitely going to experiment with this next time. From Tracy I've learnt the trick of concentrating on something else during high rep sessions to distract myself from the workload, and concentrating on the form of each and every rep is going to be a double benefit.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks gabi,

really enjoy your blog and looking forward to meeting you at the Danish RKC in May.

Brett Jones said...

Congrats on the PR Rif - if you aren't careful you are going to end up "in shape" ;)

Bill Fox said...

Not bad for an old broken man.

Gabi said...

as a matter of fact, the event is going to be the weekend after the Danish cert (May 9-10-11) in Budapest, organized by Peter Lakatos for KM people.
As far as I know it is not public yet, who is going to come, but I would be very glad if you could (/would want to) make it.

Mark Reifkind said...

no kidding, I will have to watch out for that and back off if that ' in shape' thingy starts to occur.

thanks for the love:))

Mark Reifkind said...


wish I could but I can't stay off work that long.

Servius said...

What do you mean by "Snatch VO2"?