Thursday, March 27, 2008


It's not just great that I met my snatching goal in the max vo2 protocol but that today, 24 hours after, I feel just fine.No immobile ankles, or twisting back or locked up shoulder.For years any kind of intense effort would invariably lead to serious back, knee or shoulder issues and pain and I would be spending innumerable hours on the foam roller, with the thumper on the floor stretching and trying not to eat too many alleves. Hell, it wasnt too long ago I was on 50 mg a day of Vioxx for my knee!I almost cried when they took it off the market; I thought my knee replacement was now imminent.
Of course what I consider a good knee or shoulder day most would consider a pretty messed up day,lol! It's all very relative.
I could easily train again today and that is unbelievable to me and an incredible testimony to the therapeutic and joint stabilizing effects of kettlebell training.Not to mention the therapeutic pre/rehab modalities I have incorporated into my routine and practice religiously nearly every day.
I remember very well being so locked up for so long and spending hours every day doing rehab, trying hard to get my body to unwind the tension settle into 'neutral'. It is getting closer every day and I can't tell you how great that feels.Having not had that for as long as I can remember it is very exciting prospect.

So now I have to plan the next goals; these immediately came to mind

1) 24 kg 5 min SSST 100 reps(1st test was 80)
2) 20 kg 10 min SSST : goal= 200 reps
3) 20 kg 5 min SSST: goal=120( 1st test was 100)

I have never tried a ten minute test and previously it scared me silly.Now, I know I can do it. I can be out of breath snatching for 25 minutes and keep a good power output; ten minutes should be doable for sure.
Not sure when I am going to do these but it's now on the board as the next target(s).

Going to go with the alternation of three snatch vo2 protocols; I know the inclusion of the 36:36 will really up the lactic acid buffering and pain tolerance that I have been avoiding ;)

week one 15:15 with 16 kg cycle 35-50 sets of 8
week two 36:36 with 16 kg cycle 14, 15, 16 reps per work bout and 15-20 sets
week three 15:15 with 20 kg cycle 5,6 reps per work bout. sets tbd.

datsit.It' so good to be able to train hard again, not to mention test myself on occasion.This is great.


Aaron Friday said...

Yeah, you avoid pain like I avoid beer.

I'll look forward to you wasting those goals.

Mark Reifkind said...

it's been a constant companion for so long it's weird when it doesnt hang out as much anymore :))
and yes those goals will get done.just dont know when, but there's no hurry: after I meet those numbers I just have to bump things up anyway.