Monday, March 10, 2008

Snatch practice


24kgx5/5x17 sets
170 reps
9010 lbs

lots of practice today with long holds at the top. playing around with the corkscrew here for the first time with the 24 kg. Wanted to get 200 reps and would have gotten it til I tore a nice chunk of skin and decided to save some for the snatch vo2 work on wednesday. Form felt very very solid.

Two CB swipes
10 lbs x 100 reps

Shield casts
15 lbs x20 reps x 4 sets

still not sleeping well and could really feel it at the end of practice, just no juice.daylight savings time didnt help either.


Aaron Friday said...

First they make us work an extra day in February, and then they take an hour away from our sleep. Plus, I'm still short, getting balder, and my salary is not keeping up with inflation.

On the plus side, I'm becoming stupider, so ordinary things are getting funnier to me all the time.

That's a hell of a workout you did today. Looks like you'll blow past 200 reps as soon as your hand can take it, and then keep going.

Mark Reifkind said...

since I'm self employed and nobody ever makes me work I have to be my own whipping post and work as often as possible to save up for the lack of what's coming in my dotage.
and I too am getting shorter and balder though my salary is finally beating inflations ass :))
I have always been a slow study so things are funny to me, just a beat too late.
I was suprised at the strength of the snatch in the workout,especially considering I hadnt slept for shit again.and I was doing five cause I didnt want to get my hr up but the new technique felt so good I knew I could do hard sets of ten no problem. can't beleive my hands are so sissy lately.

Aaron Friday said...

Hey man, I'm glad to hear you're pounding on inflation. I hate that bastard. It's like a tape worm that slowly sucks the nutrients out of the intestines of our net worth. LOL!

Dude, it's just a bad hand day. You'll be flipping up 10/10 before long, and 200 will be a distant memory. How many times did you swing the 32? Sheesh!