Monday, March 17, 2008

Snatch practice.

More snatch work today, this time with the 20 kg.Been demonstrating a lot at work so I have had even more time to hone the false grip and the new teshnik.I can't beleive how much longer I can remain upright and in balance on the descent.It feels like the descent on my clean which stays very close to my body and nullifies the length of my arms a bit.Everything feels even more linked up. groovy.the amount of downward acceleration that is reduced this way is incredible. It makes it even more clear to me that it's not technique per se that determines force output but the speed and power pushed through any individual technique that makes the difference.
It's like that with the clubs as well. I can use the tens and coast through 300 reps and stay in a steady state energy wise or I can sprint with the 15s and get 100 if I'm lucky.The main difference is the easing of grip stress, which is crucial for my shoulders.If they get too fatigued, or have too much tension in the forearm flexors my elbows, then my shoulders, get pulled out of neutral. Pure and simple.


20kgx11/11x8 sets
x 12/12x1 set
200 reps
8800 lbs

Two CB Swipes
15'sx20x4 sets
1x40 reps
100 reps

The 40 rep set was actually easier than the preceding sets of 20's with rest. Put on Space Lord from Monster Magnet and let it rip!lol.

One Arm Shield Cast
80 continuous reps , change grip every 8 .

Love these, my arms are coming back.

Can really feel the difference getting the CB volume back up where it was. As my KB work levels go up, so should my CB work; it's the antagonist and the ratio needs to stay in balance.Need to get back to setting PR's in the clubs as well.It will always be harder not being primary exercise but that's no excuse not to improve.

Lots of Z drills all through my 6 hours of clients. The more Z I do the better I move and feel.Plain and simple as well.

bw 162.6
bf 9.7%
water 60.3

ate up yesterday ,lol



Chris said...

Rif - would you say your current snatch style is still "hard style"? Is it just the grip you have changed? Any chance of a video to demonstrate?

Mark Reifkind said...

yes the approach is still hardstyle and I did actually take some video today except it got filmed sideways and you'd have to turn your monitor to see it. I will take some on wednesday.
I am spiraling the descent more, keeping it closer to the body, thats for sure, but I am still driving from the hips,keeping my back flat and accelerating hard on the ascent ;even more perhaps as I am in a better leverage position in the bottom.
thats the definition of hardstyle,choosing power over efficiency.that doesnt relate, imo, to efficiency of biomechanics but of energy production.
if you want to see the sideways video I'll put it up on youtube.

Gabi said...

Hi, Mark,

I hope you don't mind a question: how is your new style on the hands?
I'm experimenting with my snatch style these days, desperately trying to find a somewhat more skin-friendly technique while still hardstyle. May Cert is closing in, and although I can tough out my numbers or a MaxVO2 workout alright, they just kill my hands each time.

Gabi (=Gaby K. from DD)

Mark Reifkind said...


along with less grip stress that's another thing that makes this much the bell rolls across the hand their is much less skin tension.I can flip the bell over the top and 'miss' the callouses pretty well, but this is even better.
make sure the callouses are sanded down really well cause if they aren't it wont matter what technique you use, the hands will hurt.

Gabi said...

Thank you, Mark,
that sounds promising! I'm looking forward to that video.