Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sleep is good.

Monster Magnet CD just arrived. Finally some new music!Metallica Enter Sandman is back as well!

And sleep is strong. Finally got back on track last night and what a difference it made in the gym. Finally catching up from the last week. Not sleeping could kill you(me).
Had Snatch vo2 to do today and needed 45 sets of hopefully more sets of 8 than last time.My problem with doing my goal of 50 sets of 8 is that I will have to get fit enough to do 60 sets because I need at least 10 sets of warmup before I can 'go fast' enough to get 8 in 15 seconds with good form. I probably will do 10 sets of 7/7 then rest 5 minutes and THEN go right to 50 sets of 8. That sounds like a plan.
Anyway, onto today:

Snatch VO2 15:15
16 kg
15 sets of 7
30 sets of 8
45 sets
345 reps
12,420 lbs
22.5 min
End HR= 170

Wow, that was almost easy.The absolute best my cardio has felt since I started doing this training.No warmup at all and first 15 sets ended with time to spare and I started the next set a few seconds early. Could never do that before.30 sets of 8 is PR too and even some of these sets had time left at the end.Not much but a second or so.Basically went over the top hardstyle but really made sure to nail the false grip overhead position. That is what really makes the difference for me with my grip and keeping me more upright.Even when you go over the top it still slides to the side a bit which makes the motion smaller and faster.
You can still push it down and increase eccentric speed which is the only way to go faster.
Let it go, as Louie used to yell. Let it go. Push it down is more like it.
Keeping the bell in closer also put the arm higher in the crotch. everything is linking up so well.very pleased with my form work and with that my strength and endurance in the snatch of late.
I can really see 50 sets of 8 now and even starting to train this protocol with the 20 kg~!

Rack Walks
16 kg
1800 feet switching every 200 .This just keeps getting better. Long term goal is 3000 continuous feet.This really makes me focus on gait mechanics.

One CB Shield Cast
10 lbs x 60 reps - switch every ten
15lbs x60 reps - switch every ten

These felt great! Never did them like that, one arm after the other but it's my new style.Keeps the HR up and allows for good muscle work at the same time.movement felt great and my shoulders said yes as well.

datsit. Did LOTS of Z total, 6 times with every client. The more I do it the better I feel so there ya go.
Plenty of floor and g5 time today as well.


Joe Sarti said...

Nice Rif, good to see you got some quality sleep and a great workout to boot. I look forward to seeing those numbers with the 20kg

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks joe, we're back on for monday if that works for you.

Aaron Friday said...

That's just a great snatch workout. Kind of a long way to go with the rack walks too. More than 1/3 of a mile.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks aaron, it was nice to feel strong in the workload like that.and yeah I didnt think about the distance in those terms. cool.

Kenneth Jay said...

Damn nice work Rif!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks kenneth, to you!

Bob Garon II said...

Rif I'm curious about a few things in your training.

1. When you say 30 sets of 8 how is this performed exactly?
2. Are you simply going non-stop for 30 sets of 8 snatches?
3. When do you switch arms?
4. How long is your total workout when it's all said and done?



Mark Reifkind said...


when I write 30 sets of 8 and I am doing max vo2 work that means I am doing 8 reps on one arm, resting 15 seconds then 8 reps on the workout time for 45 sets is 22.5 min

Bob Garon II said...

So to understand you completely you performed 45 sets, which took you about 22 min, without stopping at all?
What equals 1 set? Rightside & Leftside= 1 set OR does each arm equal 1 set?

I just don't really get the VO2 concept and hopefully with your help I can.

Thank you for your time.

-Bob Garon

Mark Reifkind said...


have you read this?

it should answer most of your questions. we can go from there.

Bob Garon II said...

Ok I think I understand now.

One question I do have is this:
1. The "rest" in, let's say, the 15/15 snatch protocol is not actually where you snatch with the right arm, set the bell down for 15 seconds and then snatch with the left arm, again put it down for 15 seconds before going again to the right. This would be like a Tabata type of training protocol which is what I'm used to.

The way I'm thinking it's done is the "rest" 15s is actually an active rest. So if I start with the right arm snatching for 15s the next 15s snatching with the left arm allows my rightside to rest. Is that accurate?

Mark Reifkind said...

no. You do 7-8 reps in a 15 second window,place the bell on the ground and rest for 15 seconds. after 15 sec you snatch it again with the opposite hand then rest again.only one arm works per 15 sec work bout.

Bob Garon II said...

Ok cool! Got it now.
I'm gonna love the rest thing cause I usually don't. :)

Last question for now: so when you do 50 sets of the 15/15 or 36/36 protocols that really is 25 per arm right?

...and how many sets or for how long of a time is good to work with?

Thanks a lot Rif. You've been a huge help. I've gotten into KB training about a year and a half ago and am looking to take it to the next level. I believe I'm pretty good at what I do and can do, but know these protocols will be a great addition to my training.


Mark Reifkind said...


yes it is 25 sets/arm at 50 total sets. start with 35 sets or so and wave up to 50 and then recycle with slightly higher reps/work bout.
I usually start with 35 sets( 30 sets of 7 5 sets of 8) then increase sets of 8 as I increase total sets. goal is 50 sets of 8 consistently and then I will go to the 20 kg and start over.
know that the goal is to spend as much time snatching with your HR in the 90-100% HR zone.that's what increase max O2 uptake ability.