Saturday, March 01, 2008

The New Way of Strength.

Eddy. 791 at 181.

Pavel redux.He truly changed how I saw the process of getting strong and being strong.This goes to show that it's not the length of the book but the depth of the contents that matter. Power to the People changed it all.THis is really the Old/New way.
1) Strength= the ability to produce force

2) Force = Mass X Acceleration ( or the ability to move a weight/mass)

3) To increase force either move the mass faster or create more tension

4) Tension =Strength = Force

5) Humans create force by creating tension in the musculature.

6) Bodybuilding paradigm increases strength in any particular muscle by increasing the mass of that muscle.TO get stronger, get bigger.

7) PtP paradigm increases strength by increasing force via more tension in 'target' musculature as well as surrounding musculature( irradiation).To get stronger contract harder.

8) Voluntarily increasing total body tension supercharges the ability to create tension/force( hyper irradiation). This is the essence of powerlifting as well. You are increasing/engaging more mass as well as the bodybuilding paradigm, but instead of growing more non productive size you are using the available muscle around your body to do the job.This is a very high skill task.

9) Voluntarily using the antagonistic muscles to increase muscle involvement in a movement also increases the force potential as well as 'saves' the agonist for more work on the concentric motion( pulling one self down int oe squat or the bench). This is successive induction, another high skill task.

10) Strength is a skill and must be practiced, not just trained.


Boris said...

I agree completely. PTP changed the way I looked at strength completely. Everything made sense immediately and there were paragraphs where I realized the disconnect I was having in the gym all those years. I came from a martial arts and competitive swimming background and NEVER realized that the tension-relaxation patterns I learned from those were affecting my PL in really bad, bad ways.

Thanks Rif.

Steve Reishus said...

"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free". Good stuff!

Steve R.

Mark Reifkind said...


so true man.its always the details that make the differences.
People have no real idea how much tension is really required to lift very big weights. AND the ability to not only create that tension but hOLD it for as long as the total lift lasts. Big time tension.

this is always true.