Saturday, March 22, 2008

One arm swings and Mill PR

After all the crazy ass numbers Tracy and others have been putting up I'm a bit embarassed to post such lowly swing numbers but it is what it is :))
Wasn't ready for the 32 kg and did the 24 kg last week so I split the difference and went with the 28kg.Heavy enough to pay attention.
I've been snatching so much it's easy to forget just how much work the basic swing is; and how much more muscle tension is involved. It's that very fact that makes it not effective for max vo2 training; you need the relaxed phase of the snatch as it travels overhead to stress the heart in the right way.The swing has none of that and is just pure work, plain and simple,especially if you don't switch forms as you fatigue.Plus it works my hips and legs so much more than the snatch and without being able to squat, they get weak fast.So more swings it is. In fact, I think I need to add some more swings in mid week, perhaps wednesday and some transfers, after snatch vo2.

One Arm Swing
16kgx5/5 x3

28kgx10/10x 16 sets
32o reps
20,160 lbs
80% of pr

Not a bad effort at all,and I really warmed up and got into the hips after 5 sets.Most swings were chin height too.There was a three man rotation so the rest periods were 2 minutes or so.

10lbs x 110/110 PR!
8 minutes continuous

These went great and I just went right into them with no warmup.These felt very strong considering I did them after swings and when I set the other PR it was the first move.Last weeks 55/55/ with the 15 set me up well.

Gama Cast/ Flag press
15 lb CBx20/10x 4 sets
25 lb cb x20/10x4 sets

SOlid! I love this move and the flags at the end were a great addition. Elbow lock is the best it's ever been.

datsit. More Z in the sun in about a half hour.

BW 161.2
BF 9.7%
water 60.1%


Franz Snideman said...

nice Rif! It's always good to know you can set PR's.....and actually do them!

Your training as usual is consistently high quality1

Jordan Vezina said...

I've been encountering the same thing with the swings. I've been doing so much snatching over the past months that I actually forgot how much pure work I get out of just hitting the swings.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man and yes it is good. the clubs have been very good for my shoulders.

that is so true. pure work. no where to run, no where to hide.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Because I only starting snatching recently after a five month layoff, I find them harder on me than high rep swings. I have always thought of them as a swing + more.

I missed the point of the snatch providing a "rest" on the top because as of now its seems hardly like resting. I know it will take a while to get a proper groove but I'm looking forward to it.

Great job on the swings. They make up the bulk of my training and I, ahem, "enjoy" them. I don't have a feel for the effort involved with club bells but 115/115 of anything overhead is usually nasty!