Monday, March 31, 2008

SSST training

Decided that since the next level in my snatch goal is more five and ten minute snatch tests I better get used to doing longer sets.Monday's are supposed to be for SSST training, so now that I have some better wind and lungs and my techniques feel solid time to get to it.

20 kgx 10/10/10/5/5 50 reps 3 min 10 sec
x 10/10/10/10/5/5 50 reps 3 min 12 sec
x 10/10/10/10/5/5 50 reps 3 min 25 sec
x20/20/5/5 50 reps 3 min 10 sec
200 reps
8800 pounds

These went great! Wind was fine, grip was fine, pace was fine, it was strong! Pace was a bit slow but the goal was time and total reps.Since one of my goals, beside 100 reps with the 24kg, is to go 5 minutes straight as well I need to train the distance first,then increase the pace.

CB Swipes
10's x8/8x2
15 lbs x110 reps PR!

This was great. I didnt know if I would feel strong enough to get a pr but I wanted to try. One 5 sec stop about halfway through to tear off some tape that was causing slippage. Not perfect but I'm counting it!I left the wrist anchor on and it was messing with my grip the rest of the way as well. Forearms were seriously, seriously pumped for 5 minutes after!

One arm shield cast
25x5/5x2 PR!!!!

this was totally unexpected! I've done a few arm casts with the 25 but hadn't thought myself ready for behind the back circular moves yet.First set used a 3/8 choke and the second set 1/3. Not bad at all! very pleased. It was solid.I mentioned saturday to Nick that for the first time ever when I pick up the 25 I am not shocked at how heavy it felt.It was a sign. Good.

BW 161
BF 8.8
Water 60.3% I love spring and summer in Cali.

datsit! It' so good to feel good again :))


Aaron Friday said...

Great ideas, Mark. Multiple timed sets is a really interesting way to tackle this challenge. I'll be filing this away for future copy-cat purposes, because I sense that I'll be going for 10 minutes myself.

Mark Reifkind said...


I think that mvo2 training will up the gas tank and longer, paced sets will build the form and pacing for the longer sets.
hardstyle and speed on wed and corkscrew and 'distance' on mondays.