Thursday, March 20, 2008

Snatch VO2 progession.

After the great snatch vo2 workout yesterday and the realization that my goal, 50 sets of 8 reps, is at hand I've been thinking on how to go to the next level.Certainly doing the 20 kg bell for lower reps and building up to 8's is one part of the plan. Another would be going back and revisiting the 36:36 sec protocol that kicked my grips ass last( the one time) I did it.

Now that I can use the false grip and the corkscrew to save my grip I think this might go very well.


What I think the plan will be is this

rotate three different max vo2 workouts

a) 15:15 with the 16 kg

b) 36:36 with the 16 kg

c) 15:15 with the 20 kg

This will bring an entirely different set of loading to the effort each week,although still staying within the parameters necessary to increase my CV ability even more.Kind of like rotating max effort exercises. Excellent!

Plus it will help the dread I will have at having to do 40-50 sets of 8 each time,lol! Plus I need some more stimulation as the current loading is no longer getting my Heartrate to the proper level anymore. This is the key component of the Snatch VO2 protocol, if one is doing it to increase CV ability.
If training is hard, then one can progress, which is fun. Training for fun rarely is as it usually goes nowhere.


fawn said...

I love to see your plan... then watch it unfold! Practice what your peach... Good stuff Coach!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks fawn,I do my best.