Sunday, March 09, 2008

One arm swing form

Got a request for some video of my swing form.the first video is from a year ago last April with sets of 8 reps/arm

this next one is from july; sets of five switched twice

and august, sets of ten


Anonymous said...

Did you strip the paint off the handles of your bells?? If so, what did you find worked best??

Just did a couple of mine last week. I stripped, and stripped, and stripped then sanded for a long time, and I think the handles still need more work. Took me about 4 hours? Is that normal or is there an easier way?

Mark Reifkind said...

never sanded them. My bells have the original recipe paint and were not glossy. They take chalk well and I sand them with medium grit sandpaper as the chalk accumulates. Old gymnastics bars habit.Is slowly wearing off what paint there is.
Get on jordan vezina's blog for a good tutorial on how to strip the handles.I think AKC guys use paint remover instead of filing but not sure.

Aaron Friday said...

As always, you are my swing mentor. Form looks efficient throughout, and weight is heavy. I'll try to get a swing video up myself before too long. Maybe my next PR with the 40.

Those blue shorts have seen a lot of mileage, eh?

Aaron Friday said...

Don't know if I'm going to get back on the 32kg volume bandwagon any time real soon, but it's a deep goal that is on my mind. 250 swings first, then maybe 300 after that. After the last TSC, I considered 200 reps a meaningful and reasonable goal due to my new-found toughness, and I did that.

After the next TSC, I'll kick up the volume again and maybe approach 300 reps. Swinging the 2-pood for reps is really hard.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man, I swing alot because its one of the few things I can really train hard and will allow me to be progressive without hurting me. and yes,lol, those shorts have seen lots of miles. not as many as that flannel shirt though which I have used for training for 20+ years

Franklin said...

Hey Rif, thanks so much for posting these videos .. very instructive!

You make the 32kg look light .. great height .. great hike. All the reps look the same .. a nice groove.

Watching these convinces me of the need to shoot a video and put it out there for feedback. Also, a trip to my local RKC (Andy Bender) to get my swing form evaluated with heavier bells would be beneficial as well.

fawn said...

Off topic question... how was bench press such a strong lift for you with such long arms? Now that I have been training the power lifts, I notice people's body proportions all the time.

Mark Reifkind said...


very astute and good question. A few things:
1) although I have long arms overall I have a short humerous, which is the key, just as a short femur is the key to squatting leverage.
2) YEARS of pressing in gymnastics and bodybuilding
3) very solid pec, tricep and shoulder hypertrophy and strength.

fawn said...

Thanks for the answer!