Saturday, March 22, 2008

1000 snatches in 47 minutes.

This just can't be posted enough. My incredible wife just decided to take up Britt Buckinghams 'idea' of doing 1000 snatches in an hour with the 12 kg and no specific preparation and after an incredible three weeks of high rep swing workouts that defy description. She truly is the energizer bunny of kettlebells: she just keeps going , and going....

Her first set was 5oo snatches in 21 minutes without putting the bell down, and then she finished the workout only putting the bell down one more time.Just staying in one place for that long would be tough enough, much less snatching that much at the same time.Her pace would have netted her 1200 plus swings if she had gone for the full 60 minutes.
Here is a list of her top workouts the last three weeks,NOT counting her other training!

3/20 800 swings in 30 min( after 350+ snatches)
3/12 1010 swings in 30 min
3/10 1400 swings in 60 min
3/4 1500 swings in 60 min
2/29 1000 24 kg swings 60 min

here's some video

Check out her blog for the details


Jordan Vezina said...

That's it. I'm taking up quilting. That is incredible.

Mark Reifkind said...

I know. Freaky.