Saturday, September 29, 2007

swings push press and nick squats five wheels for sets/reps

Very good session today. The Z stuff has been really working well and I feel as square, plumb and neutral as I have in a very long time. The right shoulder is really coming along as well as my knee.The overhead position for the timed push presses was very comfortable and I had to rotate even less to set it into place. Nice.Having a very detailed manual and dvd makes ALL the difference. I am an information junkie and I love to read the details.Here's Nick on his second set of 2 reps with 495. I can remember very well when he did this for a meet comp just a few short years ago.

One arm swings

10/10x4 sets

204 reps
14,688 lbs

Timed push presses with 16 kg
set one: 2 minutes per arm 24 reps per arm
set two:2.5 minutes per arm 20 reps per arm
88 total reps.

this is fun, nice and relaxed.I can rest well in the rack with this light weight and only one arm.It's a good balance to all the other faster stuff I do.

datsit,more z and staying loose. Oh yeah, ordered a set of 10# clubbells and Sonnons Big Book of Clubbell lifting. Tried playing with these a few years and ago and the shoulders said absolutely not. I think this time should be different. Really like the motion of the swipe; a close stance, outside the body swing that will be a great antagonist to the kb swings.


kevin said...

Hey Rif - I think you'll really dig the clubs, I've been playing with them for a while and I really enjoy them. They have let you play a little more with degrees of freedom which can be good or bad but none the less, they're fun. I've used them for active recovery in between kb sessions and they'll continue to be a staple for me for a long while. I'm really glad that Z is working out for you and look forward to hearing about your experience with it.

Mark Reifkind said...


hope you are still healing well. glad to hear you like the clubs; they have intrigued me for awhile. I wanted to get the 15's but with my shoulder I know I should start light and make sure I can even DO them before ramping up.
I am really digging the r phase stuff and find myself doing something all the much to learn, which is what I thought.

Rannoch Donald RKC said...

Hey Rif,

R Phase continues to challenge and intrigue. How are you organising your sessions.

I used clubbells a few years back and had the opportunity to train with Coach Sonnon and his team when they came to Glasgow for a Martial arts seminar. Personally, the Clubs are not for me. Initially I liked the swipes and shields but ultimatley the consistent torque left my elbows and shoulders very uncomfortable which made my stick work, escrima, slowdown.

Interested to hear how you get on.

Mark Reifkind said...


I do the z first thing AM before work starting with ankle, knee and hip work then going to shoulders, elbows and wrists, my problem areas.
then, throughout the day,I go through it in various levels with my clients doing the areas that they need, although I am going through it with them less and less as I need to position and coach them more.
then, between sets at workout I do more ankle, knee hip and shoulder work as things start to tighten up during the workout.
I also find myself doing things such as ankle and wrist circles throughout the day( or even in bed before rising or sittng at the computer).Yes, I am a bit obsessive,lol, but I get so tight and the Z loosens things up so quickly that it's compelling.
As far as the clubs we'll see. I have a feeling I will reallylike the swipe move but not sure if the shoulders will take the mill yet. Have to get the book and the breakdowns of the basics and then build SLOWLY from there.
I'm glad I only got the 10's as I know too heavy would not work for me. It's for rehab as much as anything right now.