Saturday, September 15, 2007

The swing's the thing.

The groin and hip felt really good this morning, especially after stretching out and rolling.I also started off really light and made sure the groove was solid.When things go 'out' training will either put them in or make them worse. Swinging put things back in well and re established my normal pattern. Cool.
I also decided to go lighter today in accordance with the 'next step off a peak is always down, either step back or fall off'. I stepped back. I also realized that along with setting up and swinging flat on my feet, I also have to focus on extending my knees and not my hips.Being wired backwards on most things it seems, if I focus on the legs the hips extend well, if I focus on the hips everything is off.
Same with my lumbo pelvic rythym. I have to bend forward to get my hips to sit back.It was the same with my squat and deadlift, only I figured it out too late. But not too late for kbs.

12 kg x 2 handswing,one arm swing, transfers( 25 reps) x2
16kgx same
20 kg x same

One arm swings
24 kg x5/5/5/5

28 kg x5/5/5/5

32 kgx5/5/5/5

worked up in weight each set then dropped down to the 24 and started over. did each weight 4 times with a 2 minute rest/sets
24 kg swings= 80 4240 lbs
28 kg swings= 80 reps 5040 lbs
32 kg swings =80 reps 5760 lbs

total swings 320
total lbs 15,040

not bad. definitely easy though,just what I wanted. I'm just glad my hip is right.That was disturbing.Flat on my feet drive through the knees!

One arm push press
16 kg x 60 sec each arm(28 reps)
20 kgx60 sec each arm( 24 reps)
16 kg x90 sec each arm( 34 reps)

This was great. I dont have the overhead shoulder or back flexibility to actually do the second dip for the jerk but this is my version. I wore my Olympic lifting shoes and that helped a lot. Put me very flat on my feet and the heel helps my arch.Just focused on getting into my snatch hold position and it was fine.Nice to do some press type work. this might be fine.Get to combine my overhead stability work with some quad work as well.

datsit, gonna stretch .


Aaron Friday said...

I think that's the first time I saw presses in your workout since I started reading your blog. That's great.

Love the way you structured those swing sets, too. Interesting.

Mark Reifkind said...

yeah, I havent done them in ages. I used to be a press machine and could easily press the two pood for 5's.but it wasnt helping my right shoulder at all and I decided to give them up, with squats and dls.
hopefully this will be a way back in.
like the ascending/descending weight ladders too.

Aaron Friday said...

Oddly, KB training is exposing weaknesses in the right side of my body, which was previously the strongest. My right shoulder is now tweaky, whereas my left feels great.

The thoracic drills on the Z DVD have given me a few very nice adjustments that immediately relaxed my right shoulder. I'm using your exercises as well, and will continue to do them.

Mark Reifkind said...


that's one of the many things I love about kb work, the unilateral nature of it.not only does it expose imbalances but it also has a self correcting aspect. the opposite side has to stabilize in a unique way, at least with the ballistic work.
man whenever I do push press or jerk movements my triceps get cooked( which I love, I miss my triceps!) and this AM is no exception. shoulder, knee and back are ok and tri's are sore. perfect.

Mark Reifkind said...

oh yeah, and i have found that the dominant arm( or side) is usuallymore prone to problems than the non dominant side.more conflicting motor patterns at the very least and probalby much more overuse.

Aaron Friday said...

Great thoughts, Rif. This is some very interesting stuff. I feel like I'm just starting to deal with imbalances that I've had most of my life.

I hope the pressing continues to work for you. For me, there's really nothing quite like it.

Mark Reifkind said...


to be honest I am not in love with pressing having done SO much of it all my life. But, I really like being able to do it.the push press skips the beginning part of the press and the negative which are the problem areas for aggravating my wimpy right rotator cuff. we'll see how it goes. I do like how it hits the triceps though.THose I love to train!