Saturday, September 22, 2007

OK, I believe.

There is something very special about Z health. Today is day five without any NSAIDs and that is the longest time in the last 7 plus years. Previous record was 3 days and the last day was rough.I might be done with them;if not now very soon.
Got up and did the neural warmup before the workout and it got me suprsingly ready for my workout. Minimal rifga before the bells.Shoulder and knee is what I am really focused on and both felt very good. I have known for some time that much of my left knee pain has come from my very tight and imbalanced calf muscles. The ankle didn't sit or move well at all and my approach was to release the muscles and let the joint sit back in neutral; and it's been working great. I think though that this is much better and it is way easier, that's for sure.
The connection between my left ankle and my right shoulder is very interesting for sure.
ALSO, Nick came in with a very tight biceps and complaining of left shoulder pain.I took him through the shoulder and ankle work and it dissapeared. Literally. Dissapeared. That's just freaky.

One arm swings
16 kg x20 rep two hand, one hand and transfer combinations x3
24 kg one arm swings 10/10x2

32 kg x10/10x10 sets
200 reps
14,400 lbs

this went very well after the first three sets which felt heavy and not warm enough. Setting up flat on the feet continues to work great but with the 32 kg I do have to sit back a bit more than with the 1.5 pood.

One arm push press for time
set one 2 min per arm/17 reps per side
set two 2 min per arm/20 reps per side
set three, long cycle 1.5 min per arm 10 reps per side.

this was fun. Got to put on my OL shoes and use my legs a little. Took a bit to find a functioning position on the right side but I got it.Nice not to have anything really hurt although the right side overhead position still needs so much more work,in terms of thoracic and shoulder flexibility/mobility.all the rack walks have paid off as I feel very comfortable in the rack. It will be eons, if ever, that I can do these with two bells. But I am very happy with this :))
I will do the heavier ones with the 24 kg for lower reps on wednesday after snatches.
I love to be able to train.

Finished with more z work for shoulder ,ankles and knees.loose baby loose!



Tim Anderson said...

That's awesome about the Z.
I believe too. Look out, Geoff told me he was coming for you. Good luck. Let me know what you learn.

Mark Reifkind said...

I think the simplicity of the basics has to 'get out' more. its very easy to get started and do and not enough info has been diseminated imo.Its the most basic joint mobility one can do, really.

Geoff Neupert said...

Rif, I agree. It is the most basic JM one can do. And that's the problem. It's just not sexy. Nobody will believe that shoulder issues can clear up from doing lateral ankle tilts and/or outside toe pulls on the opposite side. Too freaky. Beyond most people's understanding of how the CNS works. We are building an industry that is driven toward being more complicated. Z is complicated from the outside and more simple from the inside. Very similar IMO to the RKC. People look at a KB and say, "No way--that thing'll hurt your back!" And this is from MDs, DCs, PTs, etc.

The only difficulty explaining it from the inside is conveying the simplicity of the system. Most people want to know "why" before they start doing something and "because I told you to" is not an acceptable answer. This is why I now say that Z has to felt to be believed. I had a client come in with acute hip flexor pain on Thursday. One shoulder exercise and the pain disappeared. Didn't touch the hip at all. Runs completely counter to anything currently being taught. That's because I now know more about how the body operates. This stuff you learn once "inside" Z-Health. This is the R-Phase cert. Then you go deeper down the hole with I-Phase.

So then, you must accept your own challenge: Take R-Phase and figure out how to effectively disseminate this information in an appealing, less than fanciful way. Because when you start telling people that you can fix a shoulder problem, acute or chronic by doing JM work for your foot, you will lose people.

Mark Reifkind said...

I think wanting to know why it works, even on the most basic level( explaining proprioception and the 3D map of the body in the brain,etc.) will go a long way.No,the movements are not sexy but I think that it's almost better that way; so easy you can do it at the watercooler in regular clothes.
And the fact that the changes are so quick is what is 'sexy' to me.
People LOVE instant gratification and this seems to provide it.
Maybe people want to know 'how' even more than why. I know I do. thats why I think the manual needs more detail; i.e what is the 'perfect' rep. what is the correct circle trajectory. what to do about restrictions, etc.
but hey, just do it and it does work so that's ok too. But I dont see the reason for NOT explaning more.

Mark Reifkind said...

and ,more importantly, it looks like I can do my power jerk/push press again! that is very exciting for me.

Royce said...

SWEET that now you get to do swings snatches AND push press/jerks. This makes me really really want to do z-health.
I'm happy for you!

Royce said...

oh and kb clean and jerks are my favorite move ever.

Mark Reifkind said...

yeah the clean and jerk with two bells is one serious test of everything.I havent been able to consider it since I began kbs and gave up bilateral movements,especially ones that loaded my knees back AND shoulder issues all in one move,lol!
but things are coming back it seems more and more I forsee a day when i can do them with two kbs.especially if this z thing works out.
I like doing the fast and hi powered max vo2, the slower tempo'd snatches and the timed c& j. nice mix of work intensities and energy systems.

Tim Anderson said...

Z having to be felt to be believed is not a bad thing. I think it makes it more powerful. I have told and introduced at least 12 people to Z in a little over a week. And I don't even know fully what i'm doing. But I know i can already help people with it because i beleive and know it works. My new passion for it is contagious. And results; That's what it's all about. There is nothing more "sexy" than results. Z is sexy, baby!

Geoff Neupert said...

Rif--here's the other problem: Z is instant gratification, but only short term. One must still get the reps in to cement the change in the CNS and many people just won't do the work on their own. Their mantra is "three and free." Also, one has to be "present" to really make a difference in the CNS--to be mindful about which drills one is doing and what one is thiniking about. Yes the water cooler can work, but only if you're focused on the drills your doing while at the water cooler and not the cooler itself.

Glad the jerks are working again.

Mark Reifkind said...

yes geoff, this is the problem with people in any training system, they have to be very consistent with what they are doing, as well as mindfull.Most people just aren't that interested unless they are in a lot of pain or are unusually motivated.
I can see how this works but just short term, you really have to re-work the drills over and over and then rework the primal motor patterns to make a long term difference.
no way around lots of work to improve no matter what the system.

Its nice to be able to do the jerks(bastardized push press) again.I will get up to 5 minutes each arm pretty soon.