Saturday, June 23, 2007

What a day!

As I said yesterday, I am always amazed at how much I learn at these certs,even though I come to teach. Today, Brett gave one of most amazing presentations I have heard at the RKC. His lecture on the Functional Movement Screen program was simply amazing and is some of the best info on assessing and correcting movement and muscle imbalances and assymmetries I have seen.It is truly state of the art stuff! Very basic and right to the point with some very demonstrable changes in very little time.
It is also extremely accessible to the regular trainer that needs real time tools to assess his clients in the primal movement patterns and make real time changes.Very, very impressive.

It was an excellent day and Kenneth Jays presentation on the cardiovascular effects of the snatch was also enlightening and provided great scientific data on how to utilize the snatch to increase vo2 max as well as overall cardiac condtioning with the kettlebell.While not as physically demanding as the RKC level 1 the incredible information provided really is going to help the rkc intructors provide their clients with even more state of the ar training.great stuff.

Now I just have to get through my presentation tomorrow and it is smooth sailing!


Andy Whitney, RKC said...


Wish I was there. Thank you for helping me with my hands at the last RKC. Really enjoy your blog.


Franz Snideman said...

Wow! Sounds amazing. I to wish I was there!

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks for stopping by and you are welcome for the hand taping!level two was great!