Monday, June 04, 2007

Light swings.

Definitely wanted a light one today, in both volume and intensity to start the taper for this weekend. So instead of straight swings I decided to include Darcs, which always make the set easier.
No warmups needed for this stuff, lol.

one arm swings/darcs
10 left,10 right, 10 darcs, 10 left, 10 right= 50 reps
8 sets of these.
400 reps
14,400( there's that magic number again,lol)

Its amazing how easy a 50 rep set can feel when you are used to doing 100.Definitely made the reps crisper and more forceful since I had so few to do. Makes a difference even in these low reps; is obviously much more work and you tire earlier.
The more I endure baby workouts like this the more I am impressed with Tracy's work capacity and power. Its really amazing.And her recovery is incredible as well. The next day she was just fine; it was just another workout.

Snatch holds
16kgx 60 sec x 3 sets

didnt get enough in monday and am skipping wednesday.

Rack Walk
1200 feet at once. switch hands every 200 feet!

This was great! I have never tried that before an it worked just like DARCs. A switch is as good as a rest.Very happy.By trying to keep on just one arm for as long as possible I am just letting the fatigue of my arm be the weakest link, instead of my systemic condition.Switching from now on for longer distances per set.

BW 162
BF 9.5%

forgot to take water. Weighed after workout instead of normal before.

Datsit, gotta stretch.

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