Monday, June 25, 2007

"A back of iron and legs that never quit"

I'll have at least 8 weeks of uninterrupted training before I have to go back to Minnesota and that means I can build a decent head of steam again. I've learned to not train on the Wednesday before I leave for a cert and of course I miss Saturday's training. I used to have to miss Monday's as well as I was so wiped from the teaching, standing and walking that it literally took me all week, or more, to recover.

So although I am fresh for the cert( which is key) I have to start rebuilding again right after as top end strength and conditioning starts to fall off. My base is strong enough so it wouldnt go too far down but I can still feel the difference and I do not like how it feels. Weak never feels good.

This month, with two certs two weeks apart, really tweaked my training but it worked out well in the end. My work capacity is monumentally higher than it was six months ago and insanely better than just one year ago; which was the best it had been in ages,lol!

This cert had much more standing rather than walking and I found that more fatiguing in the legs. Plus, all the bent press demos( as few as they were)that I was doing loaded up my left hammy and it was tugging on my fibula head late saturday and sunday.Still, I walked strongly through the airport after 4 long days and that is the key and the goal.

I can focus mostly on how my knee feels, I have realized, because my back no longer bothers me if I use the least amount of common sense.Sitting on the plane used to KILL my back and I would be wrecked after a flight like that. Now I can actually rest on the plane and my back is staying mobile loose and functional. Just need a knew knee,it seems.

I always come back from these envious of all the things I cannot do that so many do so easily;and take so much for granted.But now I know that having a really good work capcity and ' a back of iron and legs that dont quit' is the most important goal and what will help me the most over the next 50 years. Being able to pullup the Beast and snatch the two pood is great, but keeping my functional work capacity way high will have to do. Swinging and walking, dats the ticket for me.

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