Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fasting takes practice too.

I have to admit it. I have been falling down on my warrior diet these past two weeks. Nothing drastic, just what I always do when the discipline wanes: I start eating earlier and I am eating too much flour products.Sometimes I start cooking at 1 pm, which is 2-3 hours earlier than I want.Nothing really bad happens,except my bf doesnt go down, it just hovers. same with my weight.Its been freakin cold here lately and I am one skinny ass dude.

But it is a new year, I am back off this holiday schedule and its time to get back on track and wait a bit after I get home to start cooking.The days when I dont train are the hardest. If I have something to do I can not eat all day and feel fine. If I am bored then I want to nosh.
Started "feeling" it today as I am out of fasting practice.

Just thought about Furmans post, which is Tracy's new mantra around my house :"it ain't gonna kill ya" and sacked up. No biggie but I could tell I am not as fat adapted as I was just a few weeks ago! Those enzymes dissapear fast it seems. Eating carbs every few hours really would make you feel like you are going to die if you miss a meal as that blood sugar just plummets. Mind just goes to the fat store for some fuel,lol.

5 am
Getup situp into arm bar 2x5/5 with 26, right arm only

this is a good start. works the right shoulder but doesnt bother my back or knee.

1 pm
Warmup and Practice
two hand swing 36,44, 53x20
transfers 36,44 x30
one arm swings 36,44 x10/10

KB press

this felt great! I have to shift conciously to my right to get my forearm vertical and activate the lat.then my shoulder doesnt impinge.makes sense that I have to counter twist to be square,lol.I also have to be very solid on the negative, pulling my shouder down and keeping the forearm vertical and it doesnt hurt, and I felt like I had leverage! I am going to be practicing this a lot.minimal volume, more practice.

One arm swings
53x10/10x12 sets
240 reps
12,720 pounds

these were a bit dead. Not from the presses at all just from not being as fat adapted and getting back to my horrendous 4 am wake ups. I'll adapt.

Waiters walks
12 kgx100 foot per arm, 200 feet per lap
800 feet total

Jumping chins( both hands under)
5x5+ 10 sec scap hang after set

this is the closest I have been to doing full chins and it's right around the corner. feels GOOD on my shoulder.pretty close grip, no wider than shoulder. Presses and chins, who woud've thought?

Bw 162.0
BF 9.2%
water 60.3 %

not bad.dats it, staying loose.


Royce said...

Sweet Rif, this post and the post below. Very cool you are adding presses back in the mix.

Ya' know what's funny if you hand anyone who has worked out in the traditional BB/PL style a 30 gallon trash can full of grass and tell them to carry it to a particular dump site they will immediatly lean over to the opposite side and carry it.
But hand them a dumbell of equal weight and they will try to stand erect. No point to this really just something I noticed.

Oh yeah, woke up with a horrible cold today, everybody in the family has gotten it and I was taking care of them. So I got it too. It borders on flu bad.

But I said to myself " Don't be a sissy, it won't kill you, it's just a cold." and practiced today!!

Figured out a breathing rythm too, really really helped my wind.

Mark Reifkind said...

its funny how the little things that you learn right and away so often are forgotten in the rush to "greater" knowledge. and yet how vital those little components can be.
presses felt really good today and it also felt good to be able to let myself just "do some" rather than having to KILL it, lol.
as far as training sick, colds are ok but the flu is not. you can really get sick that way.
either way, sometime you just gotta push it too.
and yes breathing right is crucial to everything.

Royce said...

Good to know about the flu, I didn't know that.

Franz Snideman said...


what is your e-mail. Can you post it here or can you e-mail me at

thanks brother

Mark Reifkind said...