Monday, December 18, 2006

Max effort day

Decided to look at my KB ballistic training according to the WSB template. I beleive I am finally physically balanced enough to tolerate some bilateral movements and some higher forces ones as well.Speed work and max effort day if you will. We'll see how much :))

It has become very clear to me that RKC Hardstyle training is very similar to WSB training,especially in regards to high intensity interval training, compensatory acceleration training, accomodating leverage( Louie says resistance but I think its more increased leverage you are accomodating), and focusing on maximizing accelerative forces when swinging.It is precisely the opposite of GS training where pacing plays so much a part. There is no pacing in a box squat on speed day during the rep and none also in a hardstyle swing or snatch.You root and static stomp the whole swing, continuing to apply force into the ground and being ready ( linked) to transmit it through your body into the bell when it comes back up through you.

Thats the point, to develop higher accelerative forces and teach yourself how to increase the velocity of your lifts. More speed equals more power.More power more force.More force equals more overload which equals more adaptations for strength.The kettlebell is a power tool for sure.

It can ,of course be used for many things but how many things can you throw hard and still hang onto?

SO today will be my heavy max effort day, lower volume and heavier weights and a bilateral movment
.Wednesday will be speed day with one arm swings and a lighter weight to maximize acceleration(kbs and bands perhaps?)

both the above days will use submax weights and shortened rest periods rather than trying to build the reps up and let the force output go down.

Saturday will be the goal move( snatch) with the highest volume and the comp weight ( 24 kg). This day will include higher rep days as well as lower reps for volume goals

Two Hand hi pull

62x10x15 sets/30 sec rest/sets

150 reps/9300 lbs

these went very well and I originally only planned 10x10 but they were strong. I like doing low reps and higher sets. I like the fast twitch stuff AND hi volume.we'll see how much my body can tolerate.But I HATE slogging though long sets

Tactical pullups

man these were HARD after all those hi pulls! arms were fried. Plus I was an hour later today as I had to stay late for a client. Pretty bushed to start with considering my long considering ditching pullups for chinups for awhile. we'll see.

rack walks
16 kg for 200 feet each arm
800 feet total ( bushed!)

bw 161
bf 8.8%
water 60.9%

man I need some more food!

datsit ,stay loose.

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