Monday, December 11, 2006

Two Hand Hi Pulls and some adjustments.

this worked well today and it seems that my back will tolerate the movement now. Keeping it in close I think is the key.But I have to decide the correct workload for it now. Saturdays is snatch day,primarily with the 24 kg for volume and skill specific work

Monday then should be a lower volume but heavier loads.Now that I can use the two hand swing this will fit.Wednesday is back to volume with one arm swings, now, instead of one arm high pulls, as it will be the better assistance exercise for my snatch given the new form.

This will be very interesting and I also think I will keep the swings to the 20 kg for speed work and the highest volume of the week. This looks great!

ALSO: My shoulder seems to have FINALLY ,REALLY gone back into place and almost ALL the pain is gone in my neck, levator,AC, biceps tendon,and teres major has released.The underhand overhead stretch is the key and keeping that open puts the shoulder back in! Its been a long, long, long time( almost 3 years) with this thing "out" and it ain't been no fun.

Who knows how long it will last but it sure is cool right now.Life is so much easier when you are not in acute and chronic pain, :))

Two hand hi pulls
72x12 (864)
x 2 rounds

174 reps/8908 lbs.

Supersetted with Tactical Pullups
4,5,6=57 reps

Rack and Farmers walk with 44lb
1200 feet various combinations.

Tact. Pullups again

BF 8.4%
hydration 60.7% (this is good, been hanging out here pretty consistently)

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