Monday, December 04, 2006

I gots an idea.

What I need on mondays is something that works but doesnt kill my lower body. Pullups are a good workout but most things on my upper body don't inspire me as it is a strength. I need some more lower body but anything too heavy or challenging won't work as I am not fully recovered from Sat and Wed is a key high volume workout.

So I thought about a low intensity swing workout with just the 16 kg. Kind of going jogging instead of a run. Cyclists call this "taking the bike for a walk". I very low intensity ride that is mainly used to maintain mileage and get the kinks out.

Its just very hard for my ego to allow me to do much of anything with the 16 kg. BUT then I thought about H2H kb juggling and realized it might be just the ticket. I don't even feel bad about using the 12 kg for juggling, I am good at it, I like it and I can do very long low intensity sets with it. An added bonus is that I can do it 'freestyle' and just make up routines as I go along.

I will do that first and then finish with pullups. I did tons of this a few years ago with Mike C when he trained me for my cert and it just ight fit the bill. Very much like gymnastics as well.


Randy Hauer said...

H2H is awesome...especially with the light and happy 12kg!
I had a client, 67 who wanted to learn kettlebells but at the time didn't even have the flexibility to pick up a kb from the floor...we started with an 8kg and around the body passes, mini- swings, box squats/thrusters...all very limited amplitude. Now 8 months later the guy does full swings one hand and two hands, snatches, between the leg passes, upper cuts to a hold, some flips and uses the 16kg for some of it, 12kg for most. H2H is almost always a good choice for what ails ya, I think.

Mark Reifkind said...

I agree randy and I really need a "freestyle" day to just have some fun with the bell and get in some easy volume.
I think the constant changing of the loads and the muscles engaged is the key.that and being VERY light,lol.

I am going to do that workout tomorrow,take the bells to the park where I can drop them easily.
I'll do some sets with the 12 and some with the 16 too.

Tommy Shook said...

Rif, As you know I am all about freestyle. I really enjoy H2H flow drills with a 16 kg. KB and it is always fun to see how many different drills I can string together, flowing from one to the next, without putting it down. It just feels cool, almost like doing a WuShu form in martial arts.
I have put some interesting sessions together from time to time, I guess I'll have to start writing them down and sharing with you guys.
Just out of curiosity, were you listening to jazz for the session?;0)-keep it real bro!

Mark Reifkind said...

tom, not a jazz guy but I know hwat you are talking about. used to surf a lot and that flow was the best feeling of all time.

I think video might be a better medium for describing this stuff than prose though

Anonymous said...

Is that a locked left knee? You really haven't been exaggerating in your posts about your bones sitting funny.

Brr! That picture is like nails on a chalkboard.

T in Los Altos

Tommy Shook said...

funny you mention video. i am actually in the early stages of making a DVD with a freestyle approach. I got a concept and a potential way to get it done for pretty low budget...I'll keep you posted.

Mark Reifkind said...

yeah thats my knee,lol. Sitting funny is a nice way to put it.serious freaking pain in the ass is more like it.

its not locked but only bends 90 degrees and misses full extensions by 10 degrees ( on a good day). lots of fun.

so you might not be suprised most people dont get a lot of sympathy from me when they complain about body stuff.

Franz Snideman said...

Very smart Rif. Using the lighter bell is great active recovery not too mention great skill training for H2H. I like it!

Tom Furman said...

Try the SHOT. 16lbs and quicker movement. Easier on the shoulder and knee.
By the way, write an expose' on the bodybuilding world. Who's who in the zoo kinda thing.
We all want to know who the nice guys were, and who was into the dark side.

Mark Reifkind said...

tom, I think that might even be worse. using a crush grip really works the crap outa my biceps and thus my shoulders.

things will be better when I dont have to do all this manual stetching of clients and all the bodywork anymore.

an expose of the bb world eh? that would be juicy. it was a pretty interesting time.