Monday, December 04, 2006

Chasing the Dragon

There is a feeling so sublime when one is in the zone, all systems are go and you are feeling strong and fluid and capable of anything that is perhaps the most addicting feeling I've ever had.I seek that out every workout and when it arrives it carries me through the many, many, many workouts when nothing is going well and I feel old and creaky and weak of bone.

I used to live it that zone and that is perhaps why it is s hard to adjust to barely being able to visit there as anything. Even those visits are few and far between and today was no exception.Mondays is still a mystery day for me. Saturday is snatches, Wednesday hi pulls and Monday is pullups and.....

Perhaps I am asking too much and should be satisfied with just a serious pullup workout and let my back hips and biceps tendon relax but I seem insistent on finding another kb exercise to do today that doesnt tweak me.

I let one of my clients Peter, train with me today and he was doing presses and I SO wanted to do them. Again, one of the few things I really know how to do well I can no longer train.So I went light but knew it wasnt a good idea.

Clean and Press
53x3/3x3 sets

Supersetted with Tactical Pullups

4,4,4,= 80 reps/ all paused at bottom.

Got my shoulder back in but the biceps tendon slipped out like nothing. oh well. I know I could train to press the Beast if my shoulder was not going to disintegrate.

rack walks
20 kg kb 220 feet per arm per lap
8 laps= 1760 PR! these felt great. its so nice when the knee is in the socket.

bw 161.4
bf 8.7%
water 61%

this is as low as its been in weeks.

datsit, staying loose.

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