Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Scott Wilson from start to finish.

Scott as very advanced teenager the late eighties
the early eighties

The late ninties
Scott was an incredible training partner, business partner,mentor and most of all, friend.I learned as much from my time with him than I have with just about anyone I've spent time with. The consumate professional I NEVER,EVER, EVER saw Scott cheat on his decided upon diet plan until Sunday, his cheat day.His discipline was PERFECT.

He would just want to smell the donuts I was eating and that was enough, lol!

That is until cheat day and WATCH OUT, it wasnt pretty.This guy was the epitome of the hard core professional bodybuilder during its golden era and NEVER got the acclaim he deserved, although he had more covers than anyone but arnold!He jsut couldnt pose for shit and never worked it at all although I begged him. He hated it and it showed. He shook and that looks like shit. Had he had had better body control he would have cleaned up. Oh yeah and if he hadn't advertised for the wrong supplement company, lol!


Tom Furman said...

Scott's photos in one of Doc Darden's books are very good. Black and White Chris Lund Photos.

Mark Reifkind said...

those were done right before I started training with him in 1984

Anonymous said...

What is he doing now?
I remember how impressed I was with his shoulder width and his look of raw power. Not every bodybuilder had that "rugged" look.


Mark Reifkind said...

scott is still training and is working as a trainer in campbell ca.
he last competed in the Master Olympia in 2001 I beleive.
he looked rugged because he was. Scott did his fair share of powerlifting in the beginning.

Royce said...

I wondered if he powerlifted first, he defininatly had that "dry", dense, granite look.
His quads never fail to impress me either.

California Events said...

I remember seeing Scott, and you Mark, in Golds Gym San Jose. I would just be in awe everyday wondering how you get like that. the guy trained with, Dave Wallace, always talked crap. So Scott would relpy appropiately. One day (me being a stupid kid) I asked Scott how big his arms were. He replied, joking, "at least twice the size of yours." We laughed so hard. Awsome guy.
Darren Monahan

pergo said...


My name is per gunnar olsen from norway.
I remember reading somewhere that in his early training he did 2 excersises per bodypart for 5 sets each of 10 - 15 reps to gain mass.
You have trained with him. Can you tell us about your training together.

Rachel Marie Wilson said...

Though I have not seen my Uncle Scott since I was 5 years old; he's still my uncle. Still blood. Wilson feuds were something I was unfortunately born into. I am 34 now and still remember him and have checked on his progress from time-to-time. His accomplishments make me smile and feel a sense of pride. Fact: Some of us Wilson's have great genes. And great potential. I have known my way around the gym since I was a kid. And hell no!! I do not do "zumba" classes. This girl has always been oldskool with the free weights! My efforts show more quickly than anyone I know. I attribute much of this to our DNA.
So Uncle Scott, if you ever see this...just know that Mickey's little girl remembers you; sends her love to you and yours; and challenges you to an arm wrestling contest!! Ha ha :)
All my love,
<3 Rachel Marie Wilson <3

brent wilson said...
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brent wilson said...

wow looks like im not the only one seeing how my uncle is doing, im larrys son, currently in the army stationed at ft lewis, wa been trying to get ahold oh him for quite some time but still have yet to do so. i wrestled for santana high school in southern cali, an met is old coach mr. staples wh had nothing but great things to say about him when he went to El capitan in lakeside cali where i pretty much grew up aside from el cajon haha.

Mark Reifkind said...

sorry I haven't seen Scott since 1998 when we closed the gym

Bradford McDermott said...

Wasnt the Golds Gym franchise gonna be his but jerry mccall took it under his feet? Thats what couple members told me.

Bradford McDermott said...

Heard a funny story from a big guy named Dan who owned partial percentage of golds gym san jose, after he gave he gave up ownership to jerry he one day went behind the front desk to get a sugar drink for his post workout and Jerry McCall yelled at him saying "hey you cant come behind the desk you no longer work here!" Dan said he got mad and pinned jerry against the wall with his arm. Took couple of guys including Scott Wilson to get Dan off jerry...jerry later told police well it was just a big miss understanding. Dan regrets giving up his percentage of ownership of Golds Gym san jose to this day he said

Mark Reifkind said...

lol must have happened before I worked there. sounds like Jerry though. Not sure that Scott was going to get the franchise but I know jerry ran it better than scott ever could have.

william weeks said...

I remember both scott & mark from the original golds down town and later when they took over iorn works on Winchester and re-branded it to world GYM.

both scott & mark were very helpful,and I learned a lot from them.
this is what made the good old days!after 30 years I still remember those times as the best.
hope they are both doing well.

Mark Reifkind said...

William I haven't seen Scott in 20 years. I've heard he's doing well. I am myself, still training hard, etc. they were great times

Glenn Vogel said...

With regret... Scott Wilson passed away May 6th. I don't know any details, it came up on our high school memorial page yesterday.