Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thumbs Up Snatch

Really great workout.My powerlifting partner couldnt make it so jonathan and I blasted though the workout. I love to train first thing in the morning.The new snatch technique( hammer grip) worked perfectly with the 53 I am happy to say. Plus I went back to wrestling shoes and it was fine.

36x6/6x2 ( 854 lbs)
44x8/8x2 ( 1184)
53x5/5x5 (2650)felt great; still figuring out the intricacies of the grip but overall great.much more natural.
44x10/10 (880) very solid
36x15/15 (1080)

total=6648 not a bad start. the 36 is my 70% weight( assuming a 53 # max). thats my speed weight. I will count those reps.

weighted pullups

BWx5 chin over bar
18#x3 all over bar
36x3( first only over)
36x3( same)
tactical bw x5 all over. man this got easier! lol!

depth squat
53x8 man I am tight!!!
88x5 tight still
x6 turned toes out a bit, much better.

these are so important for me.

Handstands/ bola snaps
five handstands x 15 sec each very solid. about 100 snaps total.

very solid workout and shoulder and biceps feel fine!

I think I am really onto something with this swing and snatch technique.the arm and shoulder in external rotation the whole time. It feels much more stable in the shoulder for me and my arm doesnt want to bend at all.

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