Friday, December 09, 2005

The Quest

It sometimes seems like the whole purpose of my life is trying to understand the secret routine that will strengthen and heal this battered, beat up body. I've been injured so long it seems like I never have NOT been hurt. But, as usual it seems to lead me further down the path to understanding and knowledge( and hopefully, wisdom).

Did circuits today and I am fully aware of the fact I could still be flat on my back writhing in pain and not being able to work ( which scares me more than not being able to train does). So I approached it very conservatively. It started well, slowed down and finished strong.
I have to stay loose. Too much tension is the enemy and wrecks my mobility even if I am "stronger". I have to accept ( remember) that I have enough strength, but lack flexibilty and stability more. WOrk on you weaknesses and you will get stronger.

I do miss being BigRif though. Oh well, life goes on. If you are lucky.

H2H drills

with 26#. Rewatched Jeff Martones dvd and ordered the new one. I've forgotten how much fun I had with this. Reminds me very much of gymnastics. Freestyle routine using:

figure eights
two hand flips under
one hand flips under( same side)
one hand flips under( transfer)
two hand flips over
one hand flip over( same side)
one hand flip over ( transfer)
bottums up snatch
bottoms up cleans

about fifteen minutes. hardly noticed the time and it was great to get outside of that freezing garage. great stuff.


two hand swing
clean and jerk
tactical pullup

Started with the 16 kg and did 20-30 reps in the swing, 5's in the snatch and c&j, 4-5 in the pullup and ten second handstands. three rounds. not digging it at first and thumb up snatch did not feel good. That is my back did not like it. way too much "noise" with bell in left hand. Doesnt do this on the cleans though.

Second round with 20 kg for 30 reps in the swings, 8's in in the snatch and 5's in the c/j fives in pullups and handstands.

third round with the 24 kg for same. feeling pretty good now and can see the benefit of rotating to exercises that are very different, muscularly, than the one you just did. Peripheral heart action training by Bob Gadja in the 60's though of that. nothing new.

forth round with 20 kg for same reps, sub out darcs for 30 reps MAN are my legs weak. I cant believe I did 85 of these with the 32 kg!?! Thats the problem with not having clear cut goals. Progress fall right out your ass. Oh well those never hurt me and I can work up.

Oh, and with the snatch, since my back was adjusting on every rep on the left I used my old Olympic snatch style, a straight up pull, starting with my legs and thinking "jump". much easier on the back and keeping the bell close to me seems to be much safer for me than the long swing.

H2H drills

just went over the two and one hand flip drills a bit with the 26. ten minutes.

I definitely found a rythym though and went longer ( and hour 15 easy) and stronger as I went along. did tons of pullups too. we will see. I might need a corrective exercise version of this too.

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