Sunday, December 18, 2005

Missing the obvious

I think I have been missing the obvious. I know I want to put back on some mass but I dont want to sacrifice the mobility and less painful movement I've achieved with the lower bodyweight from the warrior diet and kettlebell training.

I wont do bodybuilding training anymore and its obvious I can't do powerlifting. I love the kettlebell movements but dont love endless high rep swings or GS style training. I'm a max effort, high intensity kind of guy. SO why not use kb's to gain back the mass and strength and use a lower rep,multi set approach; kind of a blend of bodybuilding( high volume, semi quick pace) and powerlifting( big movements, low reps and high force movements,more rests) and some strength endurance- plain swing training like Mike C used to make us do.

Will do double kb drills tomorrow:

2 kb swing sets of 10-20
2 kb clean and press sets of 5-8
2 kb front squat and push press( thrusters) sets of5-8
2 kb squat cleans

eat up mark!

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