Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pride goeth before a fall.

Pushed it a little too hard today on a day when my back, which has not bothered me for ages, was tight and tweaky. Felt that sickening feeling in the lower back when everything in your being says " this aint right and it aint good" after cooling off from the workout.

Moved immediately back into the gym and did decompression hangs( pelvis was waaaaay off), upward dogs,lots of stick trigger point work, some percussion massage of the glutes( which were in big time spasm-never a good sign.) and then some straddles and pikes,which seemed to do the most good.

That was a scare. Very cold, damp and miserable weather today and I swear I could feel the barometer drop in my body. Winter used to kill me a few years ago and then it stopped. This isnt a good sign.

warmups with around body passes, swings,cleans with 18#

36x6/6x2 having a very hard time rooting. weight is easy but technique is off. back is already tight
44x5/5x2 same
53x5/5x5 actually got better but back is tight. hammies are too tight. the shoe overloads my caves tweaking my knees and the flat foot overloads the hammies pulling the pelvis down.It will be fine, jsut have to stretch more.

two kb cleans
36/10x2 back is making a lot of "adjustments" as I clean. dont like.
44x8x2 switching to one arms. too much back sounds
53x8/8 much better
72x5/5 strong
88x3/3 Now here is where I lost my mind. Why would I do a max clean on a shitty tight back day when I am already cold and tight? Making it isnt the point. Surviving it is. OK God, I here you.

I think I have to do 16 kg swings until I feel totally ready to go even if it means that is all I do that day. I am rushing to get through it and that aint good.

Farmers Walk
2/36's x 4 sets of 3 laps. these are good. will do four lap sets with these next. different pace than the 53's.all good.

four of ten seconds can feel the back here too.

hopefully I got this unkinked already. we'll see how I sleep.

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