Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Circuits day two

Felt great all day. Walking better than I have in years. Doing less grinds really seems to make a difference in reducing the incredible level of tightness in my legs.THis seems to include even squats and lunges. The ballistics( snatch, c&j and swings) dont seem to bother them anywhere near as much. Recovered very well from mondays workout (should have, it was low intensity AND volume,lol).

I seem to get bored very easily.Had to force myself to go through the circuit again today. Sort of like the old max effort days. Had only a one week window. I could do a pr on a floor press, for example, and the next week I sucked at it. Switching exercises each workout, instead of every two or three worked much better.Maybe that's what is happening here.

Still withdrawing from saturdays power meet. step away from the squat bar mark, just step away.

ballistic circuit( did joint mobility four times today with clients.)

two hand swing 30 reps
snatch 8-5
pullups 3.4.5
darcs 30 reps
handstands ten seconds
clean and jerk 5 reps
farmers walk 2 laps

round one 26 #
two 36#
three 44#

this was harder than I expected . feeling very light and not that strong, endurance wise. the weights felt light( as they were). Doing so many reps so early really cut into the meat of the workout but that was ok as its the second day this week.movments felt clean.

datsit. a very boring post and workout.It is good not to be in so much pain, though. have to keep remembering that.

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