Tuesday, December 20, 2005

One Weight

I wonder if Pavel was totally right from the start. Only three weights. I've been thinking a lot about teaching progressions for the kettlebells and was musing about how I would train if I only had one kettlebell. Assume that it is fairly heavy( or at least perceived as) for me.

What would I do with it.?Well, first I would see if I could deadlift it with two hands. then one hand- harder- then I would try to swing it with two hands. Then one hand swing. And, if I wasnt strong enough to swing it with one hand, two hand swings would eventually strengthen me until I could use it one handed.

Then transfer it from hand to hand. Then perhaps I could clean it. If I could clean it I can now press it and strengthen the overhead postition. Now I could combine the swing , the clean and the press and snatch it overhead. Now I can train the windmill as well as the side and bent press. THen I can go to the next weight and do the same thing over. This might make for a much more systematic and progressive development of the total body than using lighter weights for exercises one is perhaps learning out of sequence. Not sure but I like the idea.

If you were to start a beginning deconditioned woman with a 26 and a man with a 36 this might work out very well; as long as their body weight wasnt too high. that would make it too easy and heavier might compromise connective tissue.Interesting stuff.

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