Thursday, December 29, 2005


Havent done hi rep swings for awhile and now I remember why! Man these hurt even with low reps (relatively) and low weight,lol! NOTHING gets me in shape(CV) faster than these though so they gotta get done occasionally. Geoff trained with me for the last day in town and I got to see him power snatch, from the hang, 120 kg no problem. Ah the good ol days.

two hand swing
53x10x2 ( now where did I leave my hips?)
88x8x3 I really need to work this more regularly.
72x20 so much better than on the way up
53x30 sucking wind, ouch. out of rep shape for shure/
53x30 better but the last 10 hurt. Geoff noticed a switch from hard style swings to what Cotter calls "lazy" or GS style for the last ten. unintentional. thats all the power I had left.

164 swings ok, a starting place.

Bottoms up cleans
53x5/5 strong!
72x3/3 wow. wasnt going to do these but Geoff was here and......
72x5/5 very strong. this is a solid move for me.

Mil press
53x5/5x3 my shoulders still dont like these, but not bad.have to keep the arm very close to the chest.

Bosu stands, decom hangs, etc.

great workout! Geoff is a horse and trains like the real deal athlete he is. miss that inspiration.Of course we both have the "warped mind of strength specialists" so we must be crazy. I know, we should have thrown in a few 400 meter sprints and some muscle ups on rings in between sets so we could be really fit.

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